Custom software is developed with the specific purpose of meeting the needs of a company. It is not an off-the-shelf solution since the requirements of the business might be unique. It should be noted that not every business needs custom software. This particularly true for a business that has just started to blossom and there aren’t a lot of resources. As a business owner, it is crucial that you start by identifying your needs. Sometimes all you might need is a simple solution that is already available in the market.

You might be dealing with big data and want a solution for Google Image API. If that is the case, you can check out Zenserp. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider getting custom software for your business.


There are a couple of trends in the industry and bespoke software is one of them. The custom software to be developed will depend on the particular needs of the company and also the size. There are hidden risks and nuances which should be taken into account, hence the need for custom software. The business should completely rely on the custom software for the majority of the functions.


One of the challenges of going with off-the-shelf software is adaptability. With custom software, you can enjoy flexibility since it will be tailored to your needs. The developers can always tweak it in case you want to scale up or down. Other programs can also be integrated to promote efficiency in the business.

Safe and Secure

Using standard software will always come with its own fair share of risks. There are hackers that have dedicated all their resources in finding vulnerabilities in such systems and it could be your business that faces the full brunt of the attack. Custom software is developed to meet very specific industry needs. There is better security since it is a controlled process. One of the reasons why hackers love to hack standard software is because the source code might publicly be available. Custom software is harder to hack because of the extra layer of security and hackers would rather dedicate their time and effort to more vulnerable systems.

Easier to Scale

A custom solution is a lot easier to scale compared with what is already available. The software is robust in the sense that it can accommodate changes without having to rely on enterprise-level updates which can take a while. It is almost impossible to ask for a custom solution from standard software providers. A business that is growing will have increasing needs. Off-the-shelf software might become very expensive when a lot of modifications are needed and you’re better off looking for a custom solution for your business. For a business that is growing fast, you don’t want to be limited when it comes to customization and the ever-changing needs.

Integration with Other Software Solutions

A custom software solution allows for the integration of other software or programs that are already in use in the company. With standard software, you’re likely to experience a lot of errors and the integration might not be smooth which is necessary for the efficient running of the processes in an organization. It is easy for custom software to integrate with the common business systems.

Hardware Costs

You might have to invest in the required hardware if you’re using off-the-shelf software. When the custom software solution is being developed, the current hardware is going to be put into consideration. Custom software is supposed to support your business and all the systems that are already in place.


You will be dependent on the software development company for all the updates if you’re using standard software. You might be required to pay some money to get the updates. There is a chance that the company could go bankrupt and the software stops working. This will put your business in limbo and it could take some time before you get a reliable alternative.

Best Support

There is a high level of support that is accompanied by custom software development. The company that developed the software will be the one in charge of maintenance in most cases. That means you can reach out to them directly in case there is an issue and you can expect it to be resolved in the shortest time possible. The issues are solved in an efficient manner and you don’t have to worry about downtime. Custom software is the right way to go if you have the budget for it.