For the active go-getter who doesn’t like to sit still, injuries are one of the biggest burdens you face in life. Over days, months, or weeks, you have to sit still, focus on your recovery, and let your body rest from the physical challenges you crave.

If you are one of many who would prefer to do this for the shortest amount of time possible, then read on. We have included some practical methods for bouncing back from injuries faster than if you just let nature take its course.


Physiotherapy, including mobile physiotherapy, is undoubtedly one of the most effective methods for injury treatment and prevention. Most physiotherapists will assess your injury then provide strength and mobility exercises, home rehab post-surgery, tailored exercise programs, and pain management methods.

Instead of waiting for injuries to heal on their own, a physiotherapist can visit you in your home and offer tips for getting back on your feet faster.

Infrared Sauna

Many people use saunas for relaxation, but while you’re in there you may also be earning a whole host of health benefits. An infrared sauna can penetrate deeply into your muscles, tissue, and joints. It has the potential to help with oxygen flow and circulation and offers an improved range of motion.

If you are suffering from sore muscles and joints, the infrared heat component alleviates nerve pain and muscles spasms. While further research is needed, the studies look promising.


If you’re tired of moping around home, waiting for your injuries to heal, then why not try alternative treatment methods? Even though physiotherapy is one of the best options for accelerating healing, some people see value in massage as well.

Massage therapy may be able to help with repetitive strain injuries, lower back pain, soft tissue injuries, and muscle-related problems. Its role in sports performance and rehabilitation is not well documented, but many who try it see results.


It’s not uncommon to suffer from injuries or even sore muscles after a fiercely intense workout. However, the way you combat them can make all the difference to how quickly you get back into the saddle. How well are you sleeping?

Several studies suggest that not getting enough sleep can impact your recovery and performance. When you sleep, your body undertakes the process of protein synthesis. If you don’t get enough of it, you may not bounce back as quickly as someone who does.

Heat & Ice Therapy

If you are suffering from an injury, pulled muscles, or inflammation, then your doctor or physiotherapist may have you reaching for heat or ice packs. There is merit in this therapy type. You can use ice for acute pain and injuries, inflammation, and swelling. Or, you can use heat for stiffness and muscle pain.

Heat therapy improves your blood flow and circulation, increasing muscle flexibility, soothing pain and reducing discomfort. It can also help to heal damaged tissue. Ice therapy, on the other hand, reduces your blood flow to reduce swelling and inflammation in tendons and joints. You can use an ice bath, ice massage, a coolant spray, or frozen gel packs.

The more targeted the healing strategy you choose is, the quicker you will be fighting fit, ready to partake in new sports and activities. It might be time to see your physiotherapist, try massage, get more sleep, relax in a sauna, or give heat and ice therapy a go. See a medical professional for injury diagnosis and to find out which methods for injury healing may be best for you.