Currently, technology has become very crucial because it is useful in almost everything. In the world, it’s now difficult for people to survive without technologies such as computers, mobile phones, radios, televisions and more. Moreover, even the parts of these devices are improving day to day including the recordable sound module.

Technology has slowly entered into part of people’s lives and therefore without them, it could be unimaginable for most people. So that you can understand more about technology, you need to know about its terms of advantages and disadvantages:


  1. Higher profit – with new technologies, you can improve your business in various ways. It’s possible for you to get higher profits because they lead to an increase in work efficiency that ends up increasing productivity. So, you will only require a few workforces because technologies automate the work and therefore reducing the costs.
  2. Fast access to information – it has become easy to get information quickly because of technology with the help of the internet and other devices such as smartphone and computers. They are among the most famous gadget and technologies present. They also come with a recordable sound button to help in listening sound, and you can download it.
  3. Increasing in the communication – the time had gone when we used to write letters for you to communicate with people living far from us. Today, mode of communication has become easy because you can send e-mails and receive a reply after some minutes. There has also been an increase in chat rooms for you to meet people and also stay in touch with friends.
  4. Speed the work – there are many gadgets out there that are essential in increasing the speed of work. Starting from house chores to your office, you will have many devices helping to enhance your work efficiency. So, you can do many things with relatively less time.


  1. Online fraud – if you want to use the internet to do online transactions, there is a high possibility of coming across online fraud. For example, an imposter can use your credit card information for their monetary gain.
  2. Depending on gadgets – today, people have become mechanical because they get more and therefore depending much on these gadgets. People have become slaves and can’t do simple work without the help of these gadgets.
  3. Integrating new technologies – currently, it has become difficult for you to pursue a business decision on whether you purchase a device from the latest technology or wait for some new invention to arrive. So, implementation of new technology in any business is more expensive, and you must decide if you need it or not.
  4. Technology related diseases – due to technology, people have an addiction because of the new technologies especially computers and the internet. The young people are also becoming addicted too when they come across smartphones. Currently, most of the scientists believe that mobile phones radiations are causing blurring vision, earaches and headaches and a good reason why cancer is reducing the life of people.