Tiles are a number of ways for easing your life, but renovation is the ultimate peace we all need after every year. We all like change, but most of us know that change is possible only through some bucks and time. Which we often are unable to arrange. We cannot sit back and let the laborer do work we are unable to follow the old conventional ways.

Sticker tiles are one of the most advanced options for remodeling your place, whether it is your office or your house. you would be spending a lot in paying the wages to the laborers because the procedure of fixing though the conventional method can take a lot of time.

You can get a lot of designs in the stickers style. Some wooden style or peel and stick stone tiles backsplash best for your living area, if you like a classy area. In case you want some for your kitchen you can opt for some light color as well. Whatever suits you.

In this article I have tried to explain the pros and cos of stick on tiles. many people specially in their 40s who have started spending money on their house maintenance and remodeling are not aware with these tiles this article might help them understand the product for better.

Pros of sticker tiles

  • They are made up of various materials

These are in various types, you can have some in vinyl, some in wooden, some with cement and marble. Whatever suits you.

Most people think that they are with limited options which is just a myth, you can ask your seller or selling some other types. Most of the times they do not bring other types only vinyl tiles are most common, but you can find some other as well.

  • Best for renting out

These tiles can be removed when you want without any type of inconvenience. Whenever you want to change the look of your room or office you can do it easily. In case your client is not happy with the design or to attract customer you can do a bit variation in the designs.

Secondly, if you do not trust th people living on rent, you can use these tiles for protecting your walls, whenever you will be living in your property you can take off these tiles for having clean and tidy walls.

  • Easy to install and time saving

You can not rely on the glue and mortar. You might not be able to afford that. Stick on tiles are available with any inconvenience. You can stick them whenever you want without thinking and preparing much.

The only thing that you ought to do is measuring the space with the help of a measuring tape.


  • As expensive as other

Your stick on tiles are not as cheap as you might thing. They are equally as expensive as other tile, the only benefit is the time saving. You would not be paying extra wages to the laborers for the extra effort. This can be cost effective to some extent but still it is not.

  • Still requires some grout

The spaces between the tiles need to be filled for that purpose you will have to use some grout. This will cost you some money and time for excellent furnish.

You might need to prepare some grout or you can get some ready made available in the market.

  • Can destroy your walls

These tiles are with some sort of adhesive which needs to be suitable with the walls texture. The moisture and humidity can be the reason.

This can be drawback for the renters. You can warn them about the safety measures or keeping the walls clean and safe.


Whatever tiles you are picking make sure that the color and design is exactly which will suit your taste and in contrast with thee area. Secondly select the texture very carefully. You must not use wooden backsplash tiles for your bathrooms because there can be a risk of moisture and damage.

The cutting and fixing must be done with great care otherwise you might loose the entire tile set up. So be very careful you must get the most reliable equipment.