If you have been accepted to the University of Southern California, the first think to do is pat yourself on the back and celebrate a bit! USC is a highly prestigious school and it is certainly an achievement only to be accepted.

Following your acceptance, however, you now much make the very tough decision to figure out whether or not the University of Southern California is the right school for you. One of the simplest ways to do just that is to go over some of the basic pros and cons of the school itself.


Academics: USC is ranked as the 22nd best school in the United States, which is incredibly prestigious. When it comes to specific rankings, USC’s business school is one of the best in the west coast. Click here to read more.

School network: Whether or not schools want to admit it, the networks that they offer their students and alumni can be just as important – if not even more so – than the education the schools themselves offer. If you intend of living in Southern California after graduating from USC, there is a very large chance that many of the major companies you are interested in working for will have people at the top who are proud Trojans. It will definitely help you get an upper leg on the competition in the jobs market.

School spirit: This may sound silly to you, but school spirit and pride is a big thing that can make your experience at university so special. It’s hard to find a USC student or alum who isn’t proud to flaunt their colors wherever, whenever. It makes big sporting events truly special. It makes you want to be a part of it!


Price: Much like every other prestigious university in the world, the University of Southern California costs about $60,000 per year. While there are of course financial aid options and scholarships, USC is definitely an expensive school and can sometimes have a “country club” feel as a result of that price.

Still, even if you have to take out student loans to make sure that you can pay for USC, you will likely be able to pay back those loans if you are pursuing a career in business, medicine, engineering or some other lucrative career path.


While Southern California as a whole is beautiful and Los Angeles is a bustling city with countless of experiences to offer, the actual location of the campus of USC does leave something to be desired. The reason why is because while the campus is beautiful, the area surrounding it is known as a poor and rather dangerous part of Los Angeles. Still, the private security officers on campus make sure that the campus itself is safe. One benefit of USC’s location is that it is minutes away from downtown Los Angeles, one of the most entertaining parts of the entire city.

Hopefully this quick rundown helped! Good luck choosing the perfect university for you!