A company’s image can play a significant part in determining its success. Creating the perfect brand for your business requires careful planning. Here are five techniques to help you build your brand and boost your results:

1. Maintain a Consistent Voice

A key factor in achieving branding success is maintaining a consistent voice—in terms of values, types of products, marketing language and so on. Think about logos and colors that companies repeatedly display on all their marketing material, from their website to brochures, business cards, media-wall banners and other marketing collateral. Portraying a consistent image helps the client form a narrative of who you are and what you do. The next time the client has a problem that your business can help solve, they will naturally think of you.

2. Show Your Face

When it comes to small business, you are often the face of your business. If people perceive you as genuine, brave and hardworking, they will assume your business runs according to those same virtues. Make sure to get out there and meet your clients on their home-turf. When engaging them, make a point to display the key values that your company embodies.

3. Offer Help, Not Only Products

The best way to market your business isn’t always by offering your products. Clients are looking for help, beyond the sale. Providing clients with specialised support support over the phone, via your website or blog, or other means, will help build client loyalty. When they next require your product or service, they will naturally come to you. In their eyes, you are familiar, trustworthy and authoritative.

4. Create Events

Another way of gaining publicity is to create social events that provide value to potential customers. Say you own kitchen-ware store, hosting an in-store event where two local chefs serve their favorite dishes and talk about their culinary experiences will bring many people through your doors. Your store will earn the reputation as a hub for kitchen enthusiasts. The next time your target-audience need a kitchen-product, they will know where to go and, more importantly, will look forward to going there too.

5. Utilize Social Media

Another way of building awareness about your company and is by harnessing social media. Posting content about things that are related to your business and of interest to your target market will build your profile. If you have the money to spend, creating short, engaging and informative videos always wins points. Blog posts are great too. Be sure to post your content in all the social media forums your clients might visit.

6. Get Influencers On Board

If a popular social media figure promotes your product, many of their followers are likely to follow suit. When considering the influencer you want to use, think about your brand—the voice you want to portray to your target audience. The most popular influencer may not necessarily be the best voice for your brand. It is crucial that your marketing tools are consistent with your business’ product and values. Take the time to find the right influencer to represent these to a wider, online audience. This will boost your brand and its popularity.

Branding is an art that requires much forethought and discipline. Before creating your marketing plan, make sure to clearly define your corporate identity, values and how you wish to be perceived. Use these core factors to guide your decisions and judge the quality of your marketing techniques. It is the foundation that should determine the size, shape and form of all your marketing strategies.