A portable garage is the best thing out there to protect your motor vehicle from the forces of nature. The best feature of these garages are they are transferable, and a protective structure with covers. The frame is generally made of metal and the cover tends to be waterproof.Moreover,building a concrete garage at your home is typically expensive and source of various hassles. This can easily be avoided by grabbing a portable garage. They can provide shelters flexibility, reliability and low maintenance cost. Although, portable garage for cars is the most common but there are other types too. Larger sizes can be used as portable garage for RV or tractors etc.

Now, let’s jump into the classification of portable garages.

Different Types of Portable Garages

Portable garages can be categorized into many types. But here I have sorted out the most common types of portable garages.

Peaked Roof Portable Garages

From people with boats and medium-sized trucks to people with a single car, everyone finds this type very comfortable to use. There are some reasons behind this popularity. This type of portable garages is pretty sturdy and galvanized steel is used for framing in these. A peaked roof portable garage comes with another great quality. The full-width double zipper doors are truly great for easy access.

If you want your vehicle to be protected throughout the year, then you should consider using a good quality polyethylene portable garage canopy wall. But some portable garages of this type might not have the side walls to protect your valuable vehicle.

Barn Style Portable Garages

This is almost like the peaked roof portable garages but with a wider structure. As these portable shelters have a shed like design and barn-like structure, these are preferred for storing farm equipment. Because of the extra space, these garages can store the seasonally used or regularly used vehicles. Not to mention this is a pretty safe portable garage. The heavy-duty structure credit of these portable garages goes to the structural steel and durable polyethylene covers. All these specifications make a barn style portable garage a heavy duty portable garage which will stand long term weather exposure.

Rounded Portable Garage

This is the type of portable garage that you can easily put up for a weather challenge. During winter it becomes a challenge for other types of portable garages to hold all that snow. In rounded portable garages, the snow slides off easily. The rounded frame is a great help during all the weather changes. Piled up snow on top of a portable garage might cause a roof collapse. To avoid that you can opt for the rounded portable garages.

I guess we have discussed enough about different portable garage types. Now let’s have a quick peak on why you should use a portable garage.

Advantages of Portable Garages

Think for a second or two. What do you think are the benefits of using a portable garage? Can you think of at least one advantage of using portable garages? If you cannot then don’t fret. We have brought out some basic advantages of using portable garages.

Installation Ease

These portable garages are pretty easy to install. If you follow the portable garage assemble instructions properly then you on your own can install it. Also, you can take down these easily. In the case of regular garages, you’ll need labors and friends. But for portable garages, there is no drilling or digging other than the anchoring.

These are Portable

One of the main advantages of portable garages is their portability. In different seasons you can install your portable garage in different places. Also, while moving to places for some period you can take your portable garage with you. Basically, you can move portable garages as per your necessity.

Say No to Foundations

You might think that this is dangerous. But no, portable garages require no permanent foundations. Any even surface is good for installing a portable garage. You can avoid digging or drilling completely. Just choose the perfect anchor kits based on your preferred surface. Anchoring is a very time-saving process compared to the whole foundation process.

You Have the Permission

You do not need any additional permission to install a portable garage. So, you do not have to face the hassle of getting permission. This way you do not waste up your time.

I personally think that the next two advantages are the most important ones.

Money Saver

You might think that you know how to build a traditional garage in a cheaper way. But I can bet that a portable garage cost less. It is obvious that big portable garages will cost more. But, in any way, a portable garage cost less. Think of the time it saves and how much you can earn in that extra time.

Let’s say that you have a garage already. Well, you can use that garage room for other usages. You can live in that garage room and rent your other rooms. There are actually a lot of ways of saving money through portable carports.


It is not always necessary that you get an exact size portable garage. You may need a 10 x 17 portable garage, but you can always get a 10 x 20 portable garage or bigger. The main purpose of your portable garage is to protect. So, you can use your portable shelter to protect other things as well. You can store gardening materials, bicycles, and even furniture. It can be used as a workshop. Also, with enough decoration, you can throw some sort of tent party in it.

The Decision is Yours

Even after getting all those benefits, you decide to go with a traditional garage then there is nothing more to say. But if you decide to get a portable garage then go for a heavy-duty portable garage. Read some reviews and watch some YouTube videos to find out the best one for you. Once you figure out which one to buy, go and grab it. Good Luck.