If you have an iPhone or iPad and you want to play classic Nintendo games on the device, you will see a lot of problems. The major one is the lack of emulators. Apple doesn’t allow you to install an emulator from App Store like Android users can do from Google Play. On the Apple Store, the choice of emulators is rather limited. A while back the only way you can play Nintendo games was to jailbreak the device. But, this removes the warranty which is a big deal for many users. Luckily you can play Nintendo games on stock firmware of your iPhone or iPad for free and now we will reveal how.

Play the games using Safari

It is possible to play al Nintendo games using the Safari browser on your device and basically use online emulators. The answer you have been looking for is webNES. So how you can play games?

The first thing to do is to go to the webn.es. and you will see a couple of Nintendo games. However, those games are relatively simple and the number of them is low. On the other side, you can load any of the available games within seconds and start gaming without any limitations. If you want to play other, more complex games you will have to get Nintendo games and load them into the emulator.

Upload your own game

This process is slightly more complicated and it requires more time but it has a few steps so you will manage. The idea here is to download your game, upload to the emulator and then load it. The first thing you will have to do is to download the ROM file. This is an actual game transferred into a virtual copy. You can download it on your computer.

After you downloaded it, go to the aforementioned site/emulator and click on the massive red + button. You will be taken to the Dropbox page. There, upload the file you have downloaded. This may require more time depending on the internet speed or the speed of your connection. You can use a computer or any Apple device if you like. The result will remain the same.

When you are done uploading the file, go back to the main page of the online emulator and you will see the ROM file or better said the name of a game on the list. Click on it, load the game and start playing. You are all set. Repeat this process for any game you like to play. The process is always the same and yes you can upload more than just one game.

Playing a game

Playing a game is simple, as you would expect. Once the game starts, you can see the directional buttons, A and B controls and also select and start buttons on the lower part of the screen. Use them as you would if you use an actual Nintendo device. Keep in mind that if you rotate the phone the emulator will go into landscape mode. This isn’t very desirable so you may want to hold your device in portrait mode only.


Finally, there is a way to play all sorts of Nintendo games without jailbreaking your device. We have revealed the most complete guide on how to do it and we believe you won’t have any issues with gaming.

It is so simple and great for all Apple users. The method obviously works on iPads and iPhones and requires an internet connection, but even an average speed will work perfectly.