Ah, vacation! There’s nothing better than getting away from the daily grind and enjoying some much-needed quality time with your nearest and dearest. Whether you’re planning on soaking up the sun while the kids splash around in the water on a tropical island or your family trip involves plenty of action and adventure at a theme park (Disney, anyone?), taking a vacation with the kiddos in-tow can cost a pretty penny.

The amount you’ll spend on a family vacation depends on a variety of factors; for example, it costs a lot more to travel to Bora Bora than it does to explore a National Park. However, on average, the price tag of a leisure trip is more than $1,100 per person; if you have a family of four, you’re looking at spending more than $4,500, and if your brood is large, you could very well spend upwards of $10,000 on a family getaway. That’s a pretty hefty chunk of change.

If you’re under the impression that having some downtime with your family is too rich for your blood, there are ways that you can take an incredible trip without breaking the bank. Here are a few budgeting tips that you can use to have a memorable experience with the ones you love.

Take Advantage of Flash Sales

If you do some research, you can find some pretty awesome deals on family vacations. In fact, you’ve probably seen messages with a subject line printed in bold letters that reads something like, “HURRY! CLAIM YOUR DISCOUNTED VACATION NOW, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!”

Those type of deals probably seem like a scam; there must be some type of strings attached or gimmick, right? Believe it or not, when it comes to flash sales for vacation, those deals actually aren’t too good to be true; they’re legit! Some of the leading travel brands in the country offer amazing steals on vacation packages, and some of the most trusted commercial airlines offer great sales on flights. For instance, JetBlue recently charged $32 for flights out of New York City for 32 minutes when it was 32 degrees out. Many other airlines offer the same types of promotions. Do a little digging and you can score some solid deals.

Modify Your Travel Itinerary

The most expensive part of traveling is the transportation to reach your destination and the lodging while you’re there. Airline tickets can be astronomical, and the same is true for hotels.

To save some coin, get thrifty and make some modifications. Who says you have to fly or stay at a resort? You can have just as much fun traveling by rail or hitting the open road (and certainly a more memorable experience). It costs a lot less to travel by train or car than it does to travel by plane. If you have friends or family that live in a vacation-worthy area – say, Florida or California, for example – see if you can arrange to stay with them. You won’t have to shell out big bucks on a hotel; plus, you’ll get to spend some time with your loved ones.

Take Out a Loan

If you really want to take a show-stopping vacation that will create memories to last a lifetime; a trip to Disney, a Rhine River cruise, an African safari, you could consider taking out a loan. For example, if you own an RV, instead of using it to travel in for your vacation, you could use it as collateral to pay for your trip.

RV titles loans are an excellent way to get some serious coin, and fast. You could very well get enough cash to pay for an incredible getaway for the entire family, complete with all the bells and whistles.

With some smart planning, research, budgeting, and diligence, anyone can afford a family vacation!