Italy, home to epic beaches, beautiful villages, unspoiled countryside, and fantastic nightlife and therefore enough spaces you can visit to last a lifetime with your family. Besides, there is an endless supply of numerous things like delicious pasta and consequently a place for every backpacker’s bucket list.

Even though, the country having universal appeal, remember that it’s not an expensive country as you expect and therefore many ways you can use and make your budget take you further like free fruits, nuts growing wildly, tasty, cheap wine, hostels having unlimited free pasta and cheap transport through Opodo agency.

However, you will have a problem with knowing the point you will start. So that it can be easy, here is a list of top places you can visit in Italy for family holidays:

San Gimignano

If you are looking for Italian charm, you will find in this tourist destination. The place is stunning with UNESCO World Heritage Sites. When in the city, you can learn much about its historical background for many years ago.

Even though, destiny is filled with Gothic architecture and beautiful Romanesque. Besides, this small town has become famous for having many towers and among the best bruschetterias in that region called Refuel at Echoes.


The place is among this country’s icon and romantic city and therefore worth to visit. When in the family holiday in the city, take your family to visit Piazza dellasignoria, and they will have a unique experience watching the sunrise.

Besides, when in the city, through Opodo guidance, you will avoid tourist-trap prices. You can drive inside alleys and experience a dramatic difference in the quality and cost of the food.


The list of the best places can’t be complete if Rome is not present. It’s the capital city and also a place you can party. When in a family holiday, visit Rome for its famous grand monuments and fountains. However, you will realize that the city’s magic lies in the streets, romantic plazas, and unusual shops.

You can take your family to pay a visit to Trevi Fountain, Vatican City, Basilica and the Colosseum because they are places having famous tourist attractions worldwide.


Sorrento is a beautiful town lying in the middle of Capri, the countryside, Pompeii and Almafi Coast and therefore you can have a chance to take your family in nearby places for exploration. In this town, you will find the rife Italian culture with picturesque viewing Mount Vesuvius and Napies; cafes abound, cute cobbled streets and charming streets. For fancy and cheap Italian break, visit Kebab Ciampa where you will have a break from Italian food.

Manarola, Cinque Terre

When in Italy, you will hear that Manarola is a small town located in Cinque Terre and think you will not experience anything in the town. Don’t be fooled by anyone about the city because it offers much to enjoy your family holiday.

When in the town, you can take a dip in the city’s the Mediterranean Sea where you will storm in the colorful little beauty.