We all know that every house and commercial property needs a sturdy, stable, properly-installed roof that ensures comfort and shelter. Typically, these roofs last from anywhere between 20-45 years.

But applying a roof coating can extend the lifespan of a roof, even if the structure was installed a decade ago! Coating the roof can cut down on heating costs, protect it from harmful ultraviolet rays and make your roof leak-proof and waterproof. As a roof is prone to damage and break down from heat and sun’s rays, coating helps protect the chemical breakdown of roofs. Coating lends a strength to roofing materials, maintaining their appearance and function.

Here’s a list of 7 Advantages of Roof Coatings:

  • Extending Roof Life:

When you apply a roof coating, a resilient layer is created between the compounds and upper layer of roofing materials. The correct coating protects your roof from harmful rays of sun, increases waterproof quality of roof, prevents damage caused by UV rays and bounces heat back from the roof. Coating not only increases the longevity of a roofing system, but lowers renovation expenses.

  • Avoiding Early Replacement:

After repairing minor damage like small leaks or broken shingles, coating can be applied. In some instances, you might even avoid entire roof replacement for many years if you apply the right coating for your roof materials. Coating a roof system for restoration saves you around 60% of the budget when compared with full-scale replacement. Early replacement means that the next repairing job will be early as well. By coating, you avoid paying labor fees, purchasing new materials and tearing off old roof. Instead, you increase the lifespan of a properly installed roof.

  • Conserving Energy:

What type of coating you purchase really depends upon where you live. If you apply reflective roof coating, you will notice that the interior temperature of your home drops by 4-5 degrees. The reason behind this temperature drop is that this particular type of coating reflects back more sunlight and reduces the quantity of heat absorbed. Quality coating also bounce back damaging UV and infrared rays from your building, making the roof a tad more cooler. A cooler house means you save on electricity bill by reducing air conditioning. Similarly, absorbing coatings work well for snowy areas, where the coating absorbs the heat energy from the sun and conserves energy spent on heating.

  • Improving Aesthetics:

Is your roofing looking unappealing? Rather than paying a huge sum of cash for roof replacement just for aesthetic purposes, you can improve the appearance by application of a coating.

Reflective coatings help the roof maintain its colour for extended period of time, improving the look of your house as it ages. When the house looks more appealing, its value in the house market goes way up.

  • Increasing Sustainability:

Another benefit of coating your roof is that they reduce the waste created by giving longevity to your roof. If you make repairs less often, you are minimizing debris produced during repair. Many coatings are formulated to be eco-friendly, so you shouldn’t worry about applying harsh or dangerous chemicals to your roof. Cool roofs also reduce the local air temperature, benefiting the environment.

  • Protecting Variety of Materials:

Each roof coating is formulated for resilient protection of a number of roofing types that include asphalt roofs, wood roofing, metal roofs, galvanized metal, composite roofs, tiled roofs etc. However, before you apply coating to materials like shingles, it’s wise to check your warranty card beforehand and see if the coating could potentially void your warranty. If you’re replacing the roof, consider switching to shingles with reflective coating, so you can enjoy the UV safety benefit.

  • Preventing Moulds:

Roof coatings that contain minerals like zinc or copper are ideal to prevent moulds. The mineral elements are lethal to spores and algae, which dwell on the moisture in your roofs. Mildews and mosses are also stopped from spreading. This saves you from respiratory tract problems and eliminates the unpleasant smell emitted by moulds.

Roof Coating Specialists in Essex County:

Coating a roof takes skill and can be a bit of a hassle. Hiring a professional service to apply coating layers to your roof is your best bet.

In case you live in Essex, Kent or London areas, and need a professional team to coat your roof, we’ve got you covered! Foley’s Roofing Specialists is an expert service whose team has the skill set to deal with all sorts of roofing problems. They perform coating work in economical costs, along with repair work, tile replacements and roof system installations.