The backyard occupies a special place inside all of our psyches. It’s a place that’s still within our home, yet firmly outside the boundaries of our four walls and roof. It represents safety, serenity, and communion with nature.

But then, how does one best enjoy these aspects of supreme comfort? While nothing is stopping you from buying a ten-dollar lawn chair and lying under the sun, that’s hardly worthy of a magazine cover.

As it turns out, there are a lot of different ways to properly make your backyard livable, while not ruining the greatness of being outside of doors. In fact, some might even argue that our obsession with the right patio might supersede a lot of our obsessions for the right kitchen or bathroom.

Either way, here are the main ways most people spruce up their backyard living situation:


The gazebo is perfect for those who want to be as protected from the elements as possible, while still being able to enjoy a fresh breeze coming through the windows. A gazebo can come in many forms, but typically, they are enclosed spaces – almost like a hut or a shack, but a pinch more connected to nature. Gazebos can be a very open concept, but more often than not, they have proper walls and a roof.

The windows can be covered in shades (not unlike those found at to allow for a much more customizable amount of light exposure compared to other backyard options. The gazebo is best for people who want a structure that offers many of the amenities of a proper home, while still being able to enjoy the warm summer air. More often than not, the gazebo is a place for sitting and conversing.


The pergola is a permanent structure that’s different from the gazebo in that it’s much more casual in nature. A pergola roof isn’t continuous, meaning there are slits between individual beams that allow for light to come through, while the roof is supported solely by small beams. These are great for walkways and areas that are meant to be traversed. A pergola is great for those who enjoy a bit more activity in their outdoor leisure as opposed to being idle.

Patio Cover

The patio cover might seem simple, but it isn’t to be underestimated. Patio covers are devilishly simple, but can bring even the most agoraphobic of individuals into the fresh air. These typically extend from the roof of a home to allow for a shaded area that one can quickly step in and out of. They are perfect for people who don’t want to leave the safety and amenities offered by their home, but still want to bask in the beauty of their property and the nature surrounding it.


The world of backyard fun is hardly enigmatic. Nearly everybody has some kind of way to relax outside and enjoy some fresh air. However, each solution must be carefully tailored to the individual and what they’d like to do. Some people prefer their outside time to be a time of contemplation and reflection, while others enjoy large structures capable of entertaining guests for hours on end. Luckily, there are ways to make just about everybody happy if you know where to look.