The skin lightening cream from Okdermo is Triluma. It is a high-quality product that has hydroquinone 4, tretinoin and Fluocinolone. It is a potent melasma remover that has these three incredible ingredients. Melasma is a skin condition that affects the appearance of the facial skin causing pigmentation problems. It causes brown patches on the skin. This skin lightening cream is a powerful depigmentation agent that helps in lightening the skin. This cream from Okdermo helps in reducing inflammation and heals the skin. It is a high quality, affordable skin lightening cream that enables skin rejuvenation in young women.

Triluma is a triple combination cream that has the benefits of hydroquinone 4, tretinoin and Fluocinolone. This cream works as an antidote for dark spots, freckles, skin hyperpigmentation and melasma. It reduces skin discolourations by lightening the skin, increasing exfoliation and reducing inflammation. This cream has been used by thousands of women who have appreciated the beneficial effects it has produced. This cream can be used in combination with sun radiation avoidance measures such as sunscreen lotions and protective clothing etc.

The cream from Okdermo comes in two different concentrations – one with mild strength ingredients and another with moderate strength ingredients. This cream is designed for topical treatment of black, brown and dark spots. Freckles, skin hyperpigmentation and melasma can also be effectively treated with this cream. This anti melasma cream has three active ingredients that uniquely combine to produce the best effect possible. For cases ranging from moderate to strong dark spot issues, this cream can be used for a period ranging from 6 to 8 weeks.

Fluocinolone is the ingredient responsible for inflammation. hydroquinone 4 is responsible for lightening the skin. Tretinoin increases the skin cell turnover rate. It also helps exfoliate the skin. Both the mild and moderate versions of the cream can be used to treat dark spots of varying intensity. This cream should be used with the consultation of a dermatologist. Generally, it should not be used for more than 4 months in a row. This cream is used in chronic hyperpigmentation problems that cause blotchy, brownish facial pigmentation.

This cream works in the first few weeks of the application. Sustained application for 6 to 8 weeks helps in reducing the dark spots of the skin. Hyperpigmentation can occur due to overexposure to sunlight. This condition can also happen during pregnancy, hormone treatments and low thyroid conditions. This cream is an effective three-way cream that helps in treating the risk of dermatitis, inflammation and skin tone change. Wash your face before applying the cream to the skin.

You need to apply the cream at least two times a day for best results. 8-hour interval application is also better. Consult your dermatologist first before using this cream. The chemicals in this cream act as a bleaching agent that works by preventing melanin production. This okdermo cream is intended for topical application. Dermatologists will advice to go for a thin coat application of this cream to get the best results.