The United States of America will always be thought after as a land of freedom for many foreigners looking to settle down in this beautiful country. Relocating is not as difficult and challenging as most people think. All you need is to make sure your paperwork is correct. If you have a partner in the USA and need help moving in with her or him let take care of it.

Below you have a complete list of legal ways to stay in the USA. Each of them is guaranteed to work if you do all the steps right and know how the legal system functions. It is better if you do not do it on your own but get some lawyer to take care of your case.

How To Relocate

  1. Become an investor, if you put $500000 in an economic sector that has a job shortage you get an EB-5 visa. The same happens if you invest $1000000 into an economic sector with no job shortage.
  2. Get married to a person with a US passport. Keep in mind the marriage should be legitimate otherwise you will face consequences. Both you and your spouse will have to go through a rigorous and thorough interview.
  3. Have a set of skills that are lacking in the US and find an employee willing to get a work visa for you. Look for the technology jobs in Silicon Valley if you have computer skills etc.
  4. Get nationality by the US Congress ordered. This is the most complicated way. You should be exceptional to get the Honorary Citizenship.
  5. Win the Green Card Lottery. Every year about 50.000 people get Green Cards from the government. The lottery is only applicable for the countries with little migration to the US.
  6. Get a student visa. When you are done with the studies you can find a job and remain in the US.
  7. Ask for an asylum. You must have proof that you will be persecuted in your own country.
  8. Serve a term in the army and take part in the war conflict. This gives you the right to ask for a US citizenship skipping the Green Card.
  9. Apply for a TPS. The Temporary Protection Status allows you to legally stay in the US for up to 18 months and find yourself a job.
  10. Get into an adoptive family. This way works for orphan minors only, is a definite quick way to obtain a passport.

More Ideas

Before making any steps towards relocating you should carefully study through the country and make sure you are completely ready. People tend to underestimate the hardships they are to face in a new country.

Sometimes a change of lifestyle might be a challenge but if you have friends or family willing to help you and support you until you get up on your own feet things should be much easier for you.