Homeowners are often hesitant to install pool fencing due to the “closed in” feeling that it often creates in their backyard. If your outdoor footprint is limited already, it doesn’t seem logical to chop up the views and spaces even further with the addition of a pool fence. The solution? A glass pool fence!

Maximized Space & Views

One of the unique advantages of a glass pool fence or glass railing system is that it doesn’t create visual barriers in your outdoor space. Whether you are on the inside or the outside of the glass fence, the clear view design allows for full sightline of home and yard. This means that a glass pool fence will help make your backyard space feel larger and more open, and give all areas a sense of being just as connected to one another as before the fence.

Modernized Layouts & Materials

A second advantage to using glass pool fencing is in the area of aesthetics and as a thing of modern beauty. Just as the addition of stainless steel and glass elements helps to modernize a kitchen, pool fences made from these same materials give your backyard space a sophisticated feel and add an architectural design element. The flexibility of the layout also allows for a very custom configuration that will work for nearly any shaped space as well.

Practical Safety & Security

Glass pool fencing is also just as practical for family security as it is beautiful. All panels are climb resistant, strong and durable, and meet standard pool safety codes. Features like self-latching and self-closing gates and the use of clear panels that allow for monitoring of anyone in or around the pool area make glass pool fences great features for homes with children or pets.

So, if you are a homeowner who is looking to maximize your small outdoor backyard space, create a safe and secure pool environment and make it all look beautiful and modern in the process, then glass pool fencing might be a perfect solution for your family!