Bathroom lighting is among the most neglected aspects of home renovation. But, picking the right lighting fixtures not only helps brighten up your bathroom but also enhances its overall décor. For most of us, a modern bathroom is more than a functional room in the bathroom. We want to use it as a calming retreat after a hard day’s work. So, poorly lit bathrooms can cause you to start the day dimly.

Here are some of the top bathroom lighting ideas and tips that will ensure that you create the bathroom of your dreams –

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lightings are the practical lights that provide the general light that you will need to move around, or get dressed. But, you no longer have to limit yourself to the LED tubes. Instead, you can use an LED water spring type of lighting placed close together to the wall that will offer the illusion of running water. Put them right on the top of the basin and one above the towel railing for the perfect balance.

Task Lighting

Task lightings are much brighter and are required for specific tasks such as brushing your teeth, put on makeup, shaving, or washing your face. These are usually placed around the mirror. The latest trend is to use pendants on either side of the mirror rather than the usual wall lights. You can also consider the frosted strips that are directly attached to the mirrors for the floating effect.

Create Additional Impact

Accent lighting helps illuminate the darker part of the bathroom or can be used as a decorative detail. These add more drama to the bathroom that ambient and task lighting is unable to create. You can add lit lighting in the shower or above the bath. You can also consider using lighting fixtures under the cupboards to add some depth into space.

Night Light

Since you might have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, you would want to add some lighting fixtures that will allow you to visit the bathroom safely. Add a few foot-candles that will allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness by brightening the floor surface. Thus, use low-wattage lights that respond to the motion or those you can put on all night.

Lighting Control

A dimming controller can help create the perfect balance between all the layers of lighting in the bathroom. You can use two dimmed circuits for the general lights and the other for the task and accent lights. Investing in a light control system for your bathroom will be the best thing that you can do for your bathroom.


Choosing the right finishes for your bathroom lighting is crucial as they work not just as light fixtures, but also as decorative pieces. Apart from the steel that is the most common, you can also consider using brass and chrome for that minimal and clean-lined look.

The right lighting fixtures and their proper placement will ensure that you create a bathroom where you would love to start each day. You can find a wide variety of lightings to match any bathroom design, but make sure that the overall design looks cohesive and stylish.