Men’s haircuts have long been an important aspect of men’s appearance because hair is an integral element of the style and character of modern men. New trends in men’s haircuts are an opportunity for every male to try something new, become fashionable, and change the style completely. Trends are well traced in the photo from fashion shows, and changes in style can start with your hair. Men’s haircuts ceased to be trivial, and the hairstyle is based on bright decisions. This year, youthful trends in the image manifested themselves in eccentric, brutal decisions. Sometimes a single masculine haircut can have several variants of modification and styling. The variety of new techniques in hairstyles allows you to create new versions of familiar to us classic hairstyles. The main trend of men’s hairstyles in 2019 is the short-cut neck or even shaved contrast of short and long strands with a smooth transition. Designers recommend cutting hair by partially shaving temples and neck. Follow this year’s trends to change your hairstyle and look irresistible on a date. Check out the best mens back shaver here to groom yourself.

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Fashionable men’s haircuts for short hair

The two simplest short haircuts are box and semi-box. Box hairstyle is characterized by ultra-short (up to 0.3 cm) hair in the occipital and temporal areas and longer (0.5-4 cm) on the top, while the temporal and occipital parts can be shaved. The semi-box is characterized by longer strands at the top (up to 8 cm), as well as a smooth trim running along the occipital zone or below and shaved temples. In addition to the classic men’s haircuts for short box and semi-box hairstyles, it is worth paying attention to more unusual hairstyles.

The favorite one among men’s hairstyles in 2019 remains the haircut called Men’s French Crop Fade. This haircut is still relevant this year, and the reason for this is the versatility of the Men’s French Crop Fade haircut. It’s a simple haircut that doesn’t require much care and fits into different styles and lifestyles, and it’s compatible with any hair structure. The Men’s French Crop Fade also looks great with a bristle or beard.

Fashionable men’s haircuts for medium hair

Everyone’s favorite undercut will be the trend during the year. Leave the hair on the top of your head (especially the bang) longer than the classic undercut. Temples and the occipital part are shaved off completely. Undercut hairstyle doesn’t look good on thick and curly hair.

Fashionable Canadian men’s haircut is characterized by a smooth transition of the temporal-occipital part to the upper part of the head. Asymmetrical oblique bangs look good with a Canadian haircut and can be placed sideways or backwards. A Canadian haircut is perfect for curly hair.

Haircuts on medium hair should be as natural as possible or even a little sloppy, and you can pick out a side piece of hair.

Men’s haircuts for long hair

If you have been gifted with beautiful hair by nature, you can also try long haircuts. In 2019, the trend for long men’s haircuts based on cascade hairstyle will give boldness and originality to the look. Cascade hairstyle is very comfortable to wear and gives hair volume and naturalness.

In 2019, the men’s haircut blunt bob is still relevant. Hair is cut to the same length, and this length allows you to do an ultra-fashionable hairstyle bundle or tail without any problems. The blunt bob fits perfectly with curly hair.

The male bun hairstyle perfectly fits with long hair or “undercut,” and in 2019, the trend is for a shaved temple area (top knot) in the style of a samurai. Part or all of the loose hair is collected in the ponytail on the top of the head or on the back of the head, from which the knot can be formed. A simple male tail does not require much time for its creation, and it is not difficult to make – anyone can wear this hair and feel absolutely comfortable. The hair collected on the top looks super cool in combination with a beard.

Men with long hair can create a variety of stylish and modern images. However, long haircuts require hair care and daily styling.