A controversial essay is meant to surprise readers with an argument or story that provokes an intense public debate. It would force them to take sides. Some would fervently agree with the line of argument while others would just disagree. In any event, very few would have very little to say about it, especially since the audience does not have to come face to face with an opposing group. A controversial issue would be debated by asked burning questions on it. These questions would relate to current and hot issues that could affect a large section of society. If writers want to create an immediate impression on readers, they would choose a controversial topic and elaborate on it. The purpose of completing the academic assignment remains the same – presenting readers with an effect essay about a topic with the help of arguments either supporting or opposing a viewpoint and backing it with solid evidence, examples, or hypothesis.

Some Relevant Controversial Essay Topics

It is important to remember than any topic which is not yet conformed by society as ethical or standard can be a controversial topic. Avoid topics that essay cheats could claim as their own. In other words, it helps to select topics that are fresh and have not been analyzed.

  1. Can males make better nurses than women?
  2. Has the internet really provided what “work from home” professionals are looking for?
  3. A sheep has been cloned successfully. Is it time to try out the experiment with humans?
  4. Has the press misused the “freedom of the press” to serve its own personal agenda?
  5. Does a “sting” operation really sting the guilty or is it a way to frame a popular personality?
  6. Is it time for all countries to appoint an international body with complete authority across international borders to deal with terrorism?
  7. Have governments legalized abortion as it is the easiest but not necessarily an ethical solution to deal with teenage pregnancy or population control?
  8. Performance enhancing drugs have come to stay. Is it only money that propagates the use of banned steroids in sports?
  9. With no control over the internet, censorship is a thing of the past and should be done away with?
  10. Can reducing weight really increase the life span of an obese person?
  11. Can an essay helper or software replace human endeavor in compiling original and unique essays?
  12. The aim of a terrorist is to draw the attention of the media and public towards an incident they feel resulted in injustice. Do the ends justify the means is this case?

Learn How To Develop An Argument By Writing An Essay on Controversial Topics

Imagine students participating in a debate. There would be situations where they may encounter twists in the debate leading to arguments they were not prepared for. The same situation has to be brought into an essay. However, there is an advantage of writing a controversial essay. The topic may head into unexplored territory, but solutions can be easily found by conducting online or offline research.

Ways To Write An Essay Outline for Controversial Essay

An essay outline is the most important tool you could wish for to write an essay quickly. You have to get used to writing it to be able to generate speed in english essay writing. If you have been struggling to write an essay outline, you could follow the simple method of compiling your essay using a useful outline.

Start writing your outline with the introduction. At first, you need not worry too much about the exact topic you wish to write on. You should have a rough idea of what you wish to write on. You could then add that in the introduction. This would extend to a maximum of one paragraph. You then move on the write the body of the essay. The essay format would be established when you complete the body and the conclusion of the essay.

The body of the essay consists of two to three paragraphs which would elaborate on the thesis statement you finalize before you complete the essay. This gives you enough time to decide on the final topic, research on the various points and sub points you wish to include in the body of the essay, and then elaborate on each point as you go on writing.

This is where research takes over. But before that, you prepare the body of the essay in a certain outline that would speed up things and allow you to logically enter the different arguments and justifications that complete your essay. The simple method is to start by elaborating on the thesis statement. You then introduce your main argument either in support or against the thesis statement. To argue further you have to include various other points and sub points across the body of the essay with justifications.

To complete your outline you form the conclusion in one paragraph. Dissertation topics can be gathered from your professors, sample essays, and the internet. When you start elaborating on the rough topic, you research for information to support your argument. During the process of writing the different arguments and justifications that support it, you will realize the potential of a particular topic to complete your essay. This would be the final topic you could decide upon.

When the structure of the essay is complete in terms of the outline, you can then start custom writing to enable the structure to take shape. You can move your points and sub points around to establish a connection between them. Every statement you make has to logically fit into the scheme of things. Only then will the essay look professional and readable. You can seek assignment help from different sources as mentioned earlier. Be elaborate and detailed when you look for information.

The outline with the necessary inputs of research, arguments and justifications complete the essay plan you need to have. You begin with an outline and then move on to the different areas step-by-step till your essay takes shape. You can then fine tune it to come up with a good essay based on a sound essay outline.