Breakfast Nook

Imagine brewing a pot of fresh coffee, taking your plate and walking only a few steps to a comfortable seat by the window. You sip your mug and take bites of your breakfast while reading the newspaper under a stream of golden sunlight. The morning no longer feels like a rushed blur but like an easy period of relaxation that you can savour before your day really begins — this can happen if you transform a part of your kitchen into your special breakfast nook.

One of the main reasons to get a breakfast nook is that it will be an incredibly convenient addition to your kitchen — it takes a corner or alcove that would likely go unused and transforms it into a charming space for you tosit down, eat and chat.

While it’s technically named after the morning meal, it will make a lovely spot for serving tea in the afternoon or playing cards before going to bed. The little pocket of space will quickly become your favourite part of the kitchen, and possibly the entire house.
Breakfast Nook
Most breakfast nooks are placed right beside windows and often incorporate windowseats as benches. To change a small window into a spacious view into the outdoors, go to Golden Windows to look for upgrades.

They have been distributing high-performance vinyl windows in London Ontario for decades. They also have a professional team of trained installers to insert the replacement window in London Ontario so you don’t have to hire contractors to do the job.

If this renovation interests you, go to their gallery online to see the latest window designs and options that will be perfect with your breakfast nook — bay and bow windows are popular choices that offer extravagant views, lots of natural light and extra room for benches. Treatments like roman shades are ideal because they won’t interfere with your dining experience.
Breakfast Nook
After figuring out what windows to get, you will want to check on the seating arrangement. It’s important to see how to make your breakfast nook comfortable because you don’t want a space that is too cramped or awkward — the area should be easy to move in and out of without knocking items off of the table or bumping body parts into furniture corners.

If you have a free-standing table and dining room chairs, all you have to do is make sure that they match in height. If you have a banquette with a set of fixed benches, double-check measurements and adjust the size — you don’t want to have to reach too far for the salt or hunch over your plate.

Another fantastic way to customize a banquette so that it is relaxing and comfortable to sit in is to decorate it with piles of soft throw pillows, using different fabrics and colours to add visual interest.

Picture the morning sunlight spilling through the window and onto the cozy and beautiful nook. You will look forward to peacefully eating your bowl of cereal or drinking your hot cup of coffee while taking in the view.