Ah, the bathroom…Your own private oasis where you can escape the stress of the outside world. It’s usually the very first room you enter in the morning, and a place where you prepare yourself for the upcoming tasks that day, isn’t it? Why wouldn’t you then make it even more enjoyable? With a few simple additions, you’ll add a touch of luxury to your own private spa.

Bring in the light

But not any light. Get those lights that scream extravagance, a crystal chandelier for example. Perhaps this is not the very first room that pops in your mind when we mention this fixture and all for the better. The effect is only going to be even more mesmerising.

A new bathtub

And by that, we mean a freestanding one. If you have enough space, introduce it to your space and enjoy the bubbles. If you add an antique stool in the corner, you’ve got yourself a stunning space worth photographing.

A fair vanity unit

Changing the vanity unit is perhaps the best way to start your bathroom makeover. This is also the very first thing a person notices when they walk in, so it had better be stylish and modern. Also, if you really wish to go the distance, consider purchasing a marble sink, and you will definitely achieve the wow effect.

Add art

Surely all the mentioned elements are so beautiful that they can be considered works of art, but you could also literally add some. Depending on the overall style and your taste, hang a few prints on the walls. They will transform the place immediately.

Add patterns

If you want to show real luxury, then you have to be original and introduce unexpected elements into your bathroom. For instance, you can have some fun by introducing wallpaper, with many interesting and bold designs on offer. Indeed, the material isn’t reserved only for living rooms and bedrooms. There are so many beautiful patterns which you could use to decorate a wall, and it will surely make an impression on your guests.

Good old green

Still, it’s important to remember that if you wish for a space to come to life, then you should introduce some life to it – in the form of plants! We have mentioned before that this is your own oasis. An oasis can’t exist without greenery, can it?

Curvy lines

Most bathrooms are square or rectangular places, aren’t they? That can be a bit too ordinary. An arch above your new vanity unit is exactly what you need to change the perception of the room. It will break the monotony of the space and make the space even more appealing.

A small ottoman

Not that it’s absolutely necessary, but isn’t that what luxury is all about? Extras rather than essentials? A small ottoman is a cherry on top of this luxury cake.

You needn’t implement all of these luxurious ideas, although when you get started, it might become difficult to stop. Once you witness the big change even a small detail can make, one thing will follow another and before you know it, you’ll make your bathroom the most beautiful room in your home!