Finding the right name for your business can be a tough task because all the good ones seem to be taken just when you think you found the right one! In order to inspire you here are 16 successful businesses and how they got their name. You can find a Successful brand name for your business click here


The Lego Group formed its name from the Danish phrase ‘leg godt’ which means ‘play well’ in English. It was found that in Latin it means ‘I put together’ but the group insists it’s just a coincidence.


Cisco is known worldwide but you will be surprised how they got their name. It’s simply taken from the word San Francisco. If you look at the logo closely you will find that the cables are inspired by the ones on Golden Gate bridge.


Verizon’s name was inspired by the Latin word ‘veritas’ which means the truth and horizon. The two words were combined to form Verizon as the world knows today.


It was initially Coca-Kola because they used coca leaves along with nuts called kola for the flavor of the soft drink. The creator changed it to Coca-Cola as it seemed more fluid.


Google’s founders were joking around about how much information could be searched using their search engine. After they gave a presentation to an investor, the check read ‘Google’ and thus the name Google was born.

Six Apart

Six Apart is rather a fascinating business name because it was formed since the co-founders are born six days apart from each other.


The founders of Hotmail were looking for a name that will have ‘mail’ in their business name. They thought of ‘Hotmail’ because it had the letters HTML in it which was used to create the web interface.


Reebok’s founder was inspired to name his business Reebok from the African antelope called ‘Rhebok’. He found the word in a South African dictionary which was won by his son and just changed the spelling a bit.


The founders of Asus got inspired from the name Pegasus which is a horse with wings in Greek mythology. The reason they let go of the first three letters is so that their business’ name will be listed higher.


This was manufactured by Porsche and the name was thought out by Hitler. The actual meaning of the name is ‘people’s car’ and Hitler’s idea was to enable families to travel with ease.


The first product that was launched by Sharp was a pencil that was always sharp and this is why the business was named after its own product.


Canon had a pretty tough name in the beginning when it was founded. It was called the Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory. It was named Canon drawing inspiration from their first camera that was called Kwanon.


IKEA is one of the most popular businesses today and its founder, Ingvar Kamprad, came up with a unique way of naming the business. He took the first two letters from his name and surname and then the other two letters from the farm (Elmtaryd) and village (Agunnaryd) where he grew up.


The Gulliver’s Travels book was the inspiration for this brand name. In the book, the word Yahoo stood for creatures that looked like humans but were filthy in nature. The founders apparently liked the definition of these creatures – rude, unsophisticated, uncouth – and decided to name their invention Yahoo.


Since this business was formed when the Covey Leadership Center and FranklinQuest were merged, it was called FranklinCovey. The business name was inspired by Benjamin Franklin and Stephen Covey.


The first product ever launched was called ‘Sky-Peer-to-Peer’ but since the name was quite long it was slashed to become Skyper. Eventually, they decided to name the business Skype.

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