Jacksonville is a very unique and interesting city. By land mass it is the largest city in America, but by population it does not even crack the top ten. It has a very defined downtown area, but the nightlife there leaves a lot to be desired. There are beautiful beaches, but the tourism revenue is not even close to what many other beach cities bring in.

Jacksonville is the perfect place to live and to raise a family. There is terrific shopping, beautiful beaches, and safe neighborhoods. To live in Jacksonville is to have all of the advantages of a big city with the quiet peaceful feel of a small town. Here are some reasons to make Jacksonville your new home.

The Beaches

Living on or near the beach is a lifelong dream of many people. If you are one of those people, look no further than Jacksonville, Fl. The beaches are beautiful and are not overcrowded by tourists even in the summer. There are no skyscrapers at the beach and only a couple of high rise buildings.

As soon as you drive over the intracoastal on any of the four major roads that lead you there, you are in a whole different place. The beach life is evident. From the abundance of seafood restaurants to beach shops just around the corner, Jacksonville is the perfect beach town.

The Neighborhoods

If the beach is not your thing, anyone can find their perfect neighborhood if they know where to look. Riverside is where you find “hip” restaurants, bars, homes, and shops. It is a little on the expensive side, but it is a great Jacksonville neighborhood. If you are into hunting and fishing and staying out of the “big city,” then look no further than Jacksonville’s westside. Bartram Park is home to a ton of new condos and townhomes while just down the street is Old Mandarin with their brick homes and more developed landscaping. Just down the road from there you will find Nocatee. This is almost a city within a city and is home to many young middle class families.

The homes in Jacksonville range from your million dollar mansion to your traditional middle class home to smaller more affordable apartments and housing. Jacksonville is huge, and within that space is the perfect home for you and your family.

The Shopping

Jacksonville has two big indoor malls and a huge outdoor mall called the St Johns Town Center. You can find anything you want there. From your normal department stores to high class boutiques and everything in between. There is even a Tesla storefront next door to an Apple store for those who love technology. On top of that, a new outdoor retail space complete with Bass Pro Shop, a Ferris wheel, and an outdoor movie lawn is being built on Jacksonville’s Southside. You would be hard pressed to find a city with better shopping than Jacksonville.

The Recreation

Jacksonville is home to some of the best golf and tennis facilities in the world. The TPC is played there every year, and its field would compare favorably to any other tournament in golf, including the majors. Ponte Vedra Inn and Club has two great golf courses and even better tennis facilities. There are grass, clay, and hard courts throughout the city.

On top of that, Jacksonville has a triple A baseball team, an NFL team in the Jaguars, bodies of water everywhere for the avid fisher, and hunting clubs and land within driving distance of any locale. As far as recreation goes, Jacksonville cannot be beat.

Jacksonville is also the cultural center of North Florida. With art exhibits, broadway plays, musicals, and headliner concerts occuring every weekend.