Manhattan in New York city is one of the most sought destinations to live, throughout the world and as a result, many people dream of living there. It may be a difficult place to settle in however, Manhattan provides vast opportunities and various amenities for people such as bars, restaurants, art galleries.

You will even find various co-living houses in Manhattan which will cost you far less than average accommodation for yourself. Co-living is a big deal in NYC as many people can afford the high lifeand enjoy great benefits that are included. This is because people can rent out one apartment, but different rooms and share communal areas like the kitchen, living room and bathrooms. Guests also enjoy benefits like cable TV, free internet and even a maid service. Below is a list of a few Pros and Cons to living in Manhattan.

Pros of living in Manhattan

  • There are many job opportunities: fashion, modelling, PR
  • Lots of recreational things to do
  • Many restaurants
  • Great night spots
  • You can take the subway anywhere – you don’t need to drive
  • Celebrity spotting
  • There are many youngsters in NYC so meeting new people won’t be a problem
  • It is safe
  • There are many free events that you can attend: art openings, parties, concerts
  • As mentioned above, co-living is a great option for those wanting to live in Manhattan at a fraction of the usual cost

Cons of living in Manhattan

  • The weather can be extreme, especially in winter and summer
  • The cost of living is high, even for food
  • Difficult to find committed relationships
  • It is difficult to buy in Manhattan and most people rent
  • If you are looking for a quiet relaxing place, Manhattan and NYC is not for you. It is the city that never sleeps
  • Traffic is always heavy, and the subway is overcrowded in the peak times
  • In USA, NYC is the number one targeted terrorist city
  • There are many homeless people on the streets, and rats

What are some facts about NYC?

  • There are over 8.5 million people living in NYC and it is the most overpopulated place in the USA
  • NYC is made up of five cities: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island
  • The first pizzeria opened in 1895 in NYC
  • Manhattan was first known as a cattle pasture
  • Albert Einstein’s eyeballs are housed in NYC, in a deposit box
  • There are 50, 000 homeless people altogether in NYC

Famous people who are from NYC

  1. Richard Feynman – Physician
  2. Billy Joel – Musician
  3. Christina Aguillera – Singer
  4. Franklin Roosevelt – Politician
  5. Robert De Nero – Actor
  6. Donald Trump – President of USA
  7. Woody Allen – Comedian/ Actor
  8. Whoopi Goldberg – Actress

If you are considering living in Manhattan, you have made a good choice. Manhattan is a place that is known to force individuals to grow and succeed. Ensure that you learn as much about the city and find the place that best suits your lifestyle and needs.