It’s hardly the world’s best-kept secret that technology has had a huge impact on the gaming and gambling industry, with the ability to play your favourite casino games from remote locations now more popular than ever before. From smartphones, tablets and desktops, users can play at any time of day and naturally, this option is proving much more prevalent than playing in a traditional casino.

It’s not just the ability to play whilst on the go or sat at home in your pyjamas, but players can now interact and play a whole host of live casino games which unsurprisingly, is a huge hit amongst punters. Take live roulette for example, the universally-loved game offers players the chance to play as if they were really sat at the tables; all whilst enhancing user experience and engagement. It does beg a question, though, what exactly is the technology that goes into it to make it possible.

Live roulette technology

The best way to dissect how the technology works is to divvy it up into two segments. You’ll have the dealer/casino’s perspective and of course, the players’. It’s not too dissimilar than that of broadcasting a television show whereby the roulette table will be in clear view and possibly, other casino games in the background. The gameplay itself is normally displayed via three different cameras, and the centre of the technology behind it all is a Game Control Unit. This will power the gameplay that is video streamed which allows the croupier to manage the game.

The players themselves will be able to interact with the dealer and/or other players who are participating, and the action is captured in HD at a rate of 200 frames per second. This is vital to the live casino scene, as it allows players the chance to view the action in the best possible detail and they have a better chance of predicting where the ball will land. Optical Camera Recognition is also used to enhance user experience, and image rendering technology is included as well. In summary, live roulette has boomed in popularity with the technological advancements that have made it as realistic as possible.

Different live roulette variants

As you can probably imagine, it’s not just the European or American versions of live roulette that are played online. Players will have the chance to play all their favourite variants of live roulette but generally speaking, the stakes can and are normally higher than playing a standardised game of online roulette. The most common forms of live roulette are typically low limit auto roulette, mini roulette, rapid roulette and live roulette.

Rapid roulette will be of particular interest for those who like to play quick-fire games, hence the name. Bets are taken more quickly and the flow of the game is much faster than a standard game of live roulette. Mini roulette also does pretty much what it says on the tin, with the numbers zero – 12 available as opposed to the normal zero – 36. Low limit roulette allows players to punt for smaller amounts, most offer bets of as little as $0.10.

It really is an exciting time for the gambling industry as a whole, with player engagement more prominent than ever before and the overall experience is second to none. The technology behind it all will be developed further so you can expect an even better and enhanced version of live roulette in the not so distant future.