Oh, those bachelor parties. One occasion and million memories. Even those who have tried to organize one for the small circle of friends know how complicated it tends to be. Yet for all of us who simply need to arrive, grab a drink and embrace the beautiful moments it doesn’t have to be so tough. We might have some other problems like what gifts we should bring, how we should plan our trip when we arrive and what clothes should we wear.

Luckily for you with the last-mentioned difficulty, the prestigious Italian company I Medici Leather has just the solution with their beautiful leather briefcases that can be just the perfect companion for any traveling occasion. And as for the whole selecting the ideal location and planning the unforgettable bachelor party challenge, we present to you the spot on the European continent that just can’t seem to disappoint when it comes to partying hard.

Welcome to Bucharest, Romania | Europeans New Bachelor Party Mecca

Countless things can attract a curious traveler to this part of the world. The food, historical sites and unforgettable beauty of its residents are just some of many to say at least. But, what made Bucharest so famous in recent years is the opportunity of attending European best bachelor nights that bring together thousands of partygoers every weekend. The trip to Bucharest is an adventure through contrasts and turbulent history.

Other then now famous party wonders the city will amaze you with its famous landmarks that adorned the postcards sent from this city for centuries. If we arrive in Romania through Brasov, Cluj, Timisoara or Bacau, we will enter a somewhat different country. A more rural place that is dominated by nature and tradition.

On the other hand, just as you step on Bucharest soil you will feel the unique cosmopolitan energy that just doesn’t seem to cool down with its intensity.

For the start of our adventure lets focus on the landmarks that will immediately capture your attention when you arrive.

Unique Landmarks and Historical Sites That Will Stun You

The capital of Romania is monumental with many contrasts. With this, we want to highlight that we will find buildings of many different styles, sizes, and states of conservation. In recent years, the investments are constantly growing and the city is now restored more than ever. On the one hand, modern construction may give the city a new outlook but the historical sites are what gave it a famous name in the first place.

For example, in the old area (Old City / Centrul Vechi), you will find the remains of Vlad Tepes, which gave rise to Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula, that arguably created the greatest myth about Romania, one of the Vampire Lords in gigantic castles.

Just right next to it you will find the Hanul Hanuc, a wooden building that is built around a large courtyard. It was built in the nineteenth century reminding the caravanserais of the silk road. The relays where the caravans rested after performing the stages of that millenary route. Used as a hotel and warehouse since 1808, today it is a luxurious and well-known hotel as well as a renowned restaurant.

In the old area of ​​Bucharest, you will find many low houses and empty lots that are filled with new buildings that maintain the style of the area. To highlight the new Carturesti bookstore, located in a beautifully restored building, with a central courtyard and white staircases where in addition to books you can buy wines, crafts, and gifts. And if not, just have a coffee in a very charming place.

The People’s Palace

Crossing the small Dambovita river from the old city, we will see the pharaonic mass of the People’s Palace. This immense building reminiscent of the Mesopotamian pyramids was the last hurdle of the notorious dictator Nicolae Ceaucescu. After its execution, the new government was not sure what to do with this building where good art from state budgets had been spent. After thinking of demolishing it and even burying it, it was decided to complete it and declare it the seat of Romanian Parliament.

Also, given its immensity (315,000 m2), many of its rooms and spaces are used as a center for meetings, conferences, and events. The visit is recommended since the rooms were decorated with the best materials that could be found around the country. Giving the whole curious aspect that should reflect on the dangers of tyrannies, beyond the gigantism of the building that is declared the second-largest man-made construction ever made.

Another monument not to miss is the Pasajul Vilacrosse, two streets covered by galleries adjacent to the Calea Victoriei and whose yellow and green stained glass windows surprise even the most Instagram souls among us. Countless of nearby unique bars and restaurants fill the area with animation. However, the whole old city is very lively, full of pubs and party places that simply magnetize with their energy.

Partying in Bucharest, the Main Treat of the Whole Adventure

After a day of visiting museums, shopping centers and relaxation in the parks and lakes of Bucharest, the party energy starts roaming through the streets and the city transforms itself. If we are lucky and spring stretches we will see a full sun that announces the end of the day. The end of the day and the beginning of the night that will hardly ever leave your mind. Because many times when we leave our home country we have difficulty finding bars, restaurants, and pubs that are open at night.

Bucharest like many cities in Eastern Europe, especially in the Balkans, will remind us of other party capitals of this area. As in Budapest, Dubrovnik or Belgrade, when the party starts it rarely ever ends until the early hours of the next day.

For those wishing to experience the thrill of the large and luxurious Bucharest discos, an elegant outfit is strongly recommended, as there is a selection at the entrance. Book a taxi and move to the north of the city if you want to have a taste of high-grade entertainment. Among the biggest discos that are also known internationally are:

Bamboo, Player, Kristal Glam, and Goa and selecting the best one among them is very challenging.

Almost all of them have an entrance fee of around €10, while table prices can vary depending on the location and range from €200 to €550. These clubs, in addition to selected music and customers, often offer an excellent show with dancers, lights and audio-visual effects, to be enjoyed while sipping your bottle at the table. The table reservation is strongly recommended as there are no huge dance floors.

Throughout the center, the old city is thriving with countless bars and pubs where you can have a drink after dinner in one of the many restaurants where you just have to try some of the traditional cuisines. Bucharest is surprising and animated in a curiously calm way. By that, I mean that tranquility prevails and that it does not observe any type of insecurity or risk. The city is quiet and, except for the excuses to drink, there is nothing to worry about.

Because of that, booking a hotel in the center is a great idea, so when the party is over (usually too late), you will not have to walk too much to find the comfort of your bed.

Rest and recover for your next day in Bucharest or some other nearby beautiful place as this county will amaze you with every hour spent inside its borders.

In Conclusion:

Be it as it may, but there is hardly a more affordable yet exciting place to be explored today for an unforgettable bachelor party then it is the capital city of Romania.

Bucharest will amaze you with its representation of nightlife wonders and countless of restaurants that not only serve mouthwatering meals for low prices but also provide to you one of a kind hospitability that you will never forget.

And what would be the perfect time to visit this gorgeous city? Right now! Before it gets overcrowded with hordes of tourists that also want to try some of that sweet-sweet Bucharest taste.