Leather Sofas

A sofa or couch is a major furniture and investment in your home. In many cases, you are likely to live with it for decades before disposing. Therefore, when it comes to purchasing one, you need to be extra careful and go for the best. But this can be difficult at a time like now when every sofa out there has the tag “best” attached to it. However you need not worry anymore because this post will help you to pick the best leather sofa for your home.

Check the Leather Sofa’s Fit

This is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a sofa. You want a piece that can accommodate all the members of your family. Therefore, think about the members of the family at the moment and factor whether they will increase in the coming years. For example, if you are a new couple, a bigger leather Chesterfield sofa is better to cater for all the members. Other fit factors to consider include:

  • The size of the sofa should make it possible to pass through your doors and hallway.
  • The sofa should be carefully measured to ensure it can fit in the available space.

To get the right fit, you need to get down with numbers. Make sure to get the size of the space the sofa will occupy, factor other furniture that will be installed in the room, and leave ample walking space.

Go for Leather Sofa with a Strong Frame

The cushions and upholstery of a sofa can be replaced when old. However, a frame will have to remain the way it was constructed for its entire lifespan. Therefore, your goal to buy high-quality furniture should start with learning about its frame construction.

Cheaper sofas have their frames designed using plastic or particleboard. However, top-notch sofa frames are made using solid hardwood frames that are kiln-dried. Top quality wood used to construct high-value furniture includes ash, beach, and oak.

The legs of the couch should be permanently secured on the sofa. Look for the legs that are fitted using dowels or screws as opposed to those that are simply glued on it. You can tell this by looking at the sofa design. For example, most quality leather sofas have their legs fitted on the frame using dowels.

Enquire about the Leather Sofa Joinery

Though the method that was used to join the frames might not be immediately evident, you can easily tell by reading through the technical specifications. Here, the target is only going for real leather sofas that are joined firmly with brackets, metal screws, wood corner blocks, and double wooden dowels. You should avoid sofas that are simply created using nails, glues and staples. These should only be used for additional reinforcement.

Make Sure to Test the Arms for Comfort

When a sofa is made from hardwood and the frame assembled using corner brackets and dowels, it is no doubt a great piece. However, you cannot make the decision to buy it without testing to ensure it is comfortable to use. You should test the arms of the sofa to ensure they are firm and comfortable to lean on.

If your family has small children or you expect small children, firm armrests will be even more critical. To know the arms are firm, push them hard to establish whether there are signs of wobbling. Only go for leather sofas that are rock-solid.

Feel the Leather Sofa Padding and Comfort

You can only be assured of optimal comfort from the tan leather sofa if it is properly padded. Here, you need to test the sofa by lying on it using different positions. Feel the springs and the padding to ensure that they are comfortable and reliable enough.

When you set out looking for new leather sofas, it is important to check every part. You need to ensure it is firmly constructed using quality materials and design. It is also important to ensure it is comfortable and fits well in the available space.