Have you heard about Mamby or do you know about social bookmarking? No, well you do but you may not know that you are doing it. You may recognize it via this example. Suppose you are searching an article on healthy diet on internet and you came across some interesting facts on a website. You thought it’s a good stuff to share with your friends or family and you emailed them the link or share it online. This is called social bookmarking. However, it is not the perfect definition of bookmarking. Let us understand and know it better in this article.

What is social bookmarking?

Unlike the traditional way of bookmarking the pages where you keep a piece of paper or sticky note to set as a remainder for later, social bookmarking is different. It is like tagging a web page for future use using a web based tool. These web pages are saved on web instead of web browser. These web pages are saved online which means they can be accessed from anywhere.

In other words, it is way to search, store, manage and organize bookmarks the web pages. The links are saved using social bookmarking websites like Mamby. At the starting of article we have asked about it. Now, you know what it is. The website saves the bookmarked links and allows the users to share it publically. Other site members can view it and store it as well.

Such services are mostly organized by users where they can apply the keywords or tags to their favorite content and save it. These bookmarks are available for other users when they search for the same keywords. Moreover, they can comment them or saved as a favorite bookmark items.

Other name of social bookmarking is folksonomy, social indexing, social classification, collaborative tagging and social tagging as well. All sites which serve this technology are web2.0 sites. This is a second generation website which gives an interactive environment to the users to express them online. These sites are web oriented architecture which served as rich web applications. The important characteristics of web2.0 is that there is no need of having web publishing or designing skills. Any change in the web pages has no impact in the technical specifications.

Thus, bookmarking services can be easily provided to the users. Such services make the life easier of those who are involved in research. They can save the pages online and access them from anywhere.
Mamby is an interesting site where you enjoy these services. Similar to all sites who provide these services; it has six key characteristics which are as follows:

Key characteristics

Provide free space- it provides free space on server to the users so that they can store their bookmarks. Usually this space is unlimited so that number of users can store bookmarks. This is so because a site has hundreds of users and a single user may save hundreds of web pages of their choice. Saving thousands of web pages need enormous space and thus mamby has lots of space for users.

Provide a web address- a unique web address is provided to each user. They can use this address to share the bookmarks with their family, friends and business associates. One can use this address on their visiting card to find them on internet. Such services ease the business and offer a new address to the clients where they can find their business partners.

Rate the bookmarks- mamby allow the users to rate the bookmarks. Any other user visiting on the saved web pages or website can be rare it according to its utility. It is a useful yardstick which allows the business associates to know whether their clients are liking their site or not. New visitors can rate a web site to help other users knowing its utility. It is so because a new visitor will click on the website with popular votes given by other users.

Sharing of bookmarks- mamby has a great and useful feature that it allows users to share the bookmarks. Only members of sites can share it with their friends or other members.

Popular bookmark- the popular bookmarks which are rated high by the other users get the place at first page. They are display at front since they are viewed and liked by the users of similar interests. It is similar to a recommendation where a user gets the best advice based on interests of people on social media.

Tag a web page- users can attach a tag to the bookmarked web page. For example- a user has tag a web page with word “social media” then all those searching with the same tag will get the results by the sites instantaneously. This makes the searching faster and better since the users get the best result without wasting their time. Moreover, all the tagged web sites are marked best according to the human reviews instead of those marked according to the search algorithms of search engine.

So, all social bookmarking websites have these six key characteristics. Moreover, these sites are helpful in promoting your web site, want to know how, here it is.

Use bookmarking sites for promotion

  •  A site listed on bookmarking sites like Mamby is supposed to get more traffic since they are marked as best by the visitors. This is so because people who have visited your site and marked your site as a bookmark are those who are highly interested in the content of your website.
  •  Moreover, most of the search engines take results from these sites and thus being available on mamby can be useful for your website to get in the top search results on search engine.
  •  One can add traffic to their website by linking their blogs or websites to these social bookmarking sites. It eases the readers to get the best content faster and easier. They will get the good result and further bookmark and rate your site which will increase the traffic.
    These benefits will promote your website and thus using social bookmarking sites can be helpful in many ways. It is a great technology and tool for both users and business associates.