Kratom, though it acts as a potent pain reliever, mood booster and an energy producer in most users, it also confuses beginners big time due to the various forms they come in. Puzzled? Yes, Kratom is available today in the form of powder, capsules, extracts, gums and resins. These various forms put Kratom users into dilemma since they will have to combat against the dosage standards. Dosage is an important aspect of Kratom consumption since it could lead to adverse effects if the guidelines are not followed. But the dosage guidelines aren’t the same for all the various forms of Kratom out there. For example, the quantity of Kratom powder and the number of Kratom capsules that you will have to consume varies for the same dosage level. So, if you are a new user who is yet to discover the mode of Kratom consumption that suits you and is having a tough time determining the dosage, this article is here to explain the pros and cons of using Kratom capsules along with the right way to dose on it.

Pros and Cons – Kratom Capsules

Though Kratom comes in different forms like powder, tincture, extracts and much more, some advanced users consider capsules to be the most straightforward option when it comes to Kratom usage. However, there are people who stick to the relishing experience of Kratom tea. But it is up to you to experiment on both these options and see which one of them suits you the best. But here are points that can guide you with the usage of Kratom capsules, explaining whether it is a boon or a bane for the users.


Easy to consume

Most people I know dread Kratom for its bitter taste. No matter how beneficial it could be, all that comes to their minds is the bitter taste of it. So, if you have a problem with swallowing the Kratom powder due to its taste, Kratom capsules can be the best alternative. Also, with powder, the remains stick to the throat and mouth for a long time giving rise to an unpleasant feeling. However, this problem can be eliminated with Kratom since you can just swallow the capsules with water or your favorite juice.

No Bitter Taste

As mentioned earlier, Kratom powder is very bitter in nature. But the capsules are odorless and tasteless, making it the better option against Kratom powder.

Accurate dosage

It is a known fact that Kratom’s effects can vary based on the dosage. Low doses can produce effects that are moderate and short-lived. High doses can produce strong effects. With Kratom powder, the measurement can be quite an uphill task given the fact that the dosage can never be accurate. But the story is different with capsules since the quantities are already measured accurately and filled in those capsules based on which the user can calculate the right dosage for the desired effects.


It is a great advantage that you could take the Kratom powder along with you wherever you go. If you are a regular Kratom user, then capsules can be needy since you will just have to carry a water bottle with you for consumption. At the same time, just imagine having powder when you are travelling somewhere? You will have to measure it and then consume it, which can be a daunting task.



Kratom powder is already a bit expensive and these capsules are placed at a cost higher than them due to the processes involved in the manufacture. For example, the capsules, Kratom powder and the packaging charges shoot up the prices, making it a bit over priced than the normal powder.

Limited Strain Varieties

If you have browsed through various Kratom sellers’ sites, you might have seen that they offer Kratom capsules only up to 3 or 4 strains. This is due to the fact that not all strains of Kratom have been enclosed in a capsule, to be made available for purchase. Another aspect of this scenario is that the Kratom capsule manufacturers have only chosen the most common Kratom strains for production.

A small base of retailers

There are only few trusted retailers out there who are into the production of Kratom capsules. Only few of these reliable sources have Kratom capsules in stock due to the processes and cost behind the whole picture.

Possibility of Adulteration

Kratom capsules are enclosed in a case due to which we aren’t aware what is inside. However, at least with powder, it is evident as to what it is since it isn’t sealed in some container. Hence, there are bright chances with Kratom capsules that they might be adulterated or contaminated with other ingredients leading to adverse ill-effects and allergic consequences. So it is important that you buy Kratom capsules online from a reputed seller who is trustworthy and reliable.

The Different types of Kratom capsules and the Sizes

The industry practice at the moment is that only two types of Kratom capsules keep circulating in the market. Those two different types are vegetarian capsules and the gelatin ones.

Vegetarian Capsules

These capsules are cellulose based due to the presence of hypromellose and mostly purified water is used for the manufacture, making it an easily digestible product. With no gluten, it proves to be best suited for vegans. However, the use of Methyl cellulose is prevalent in the market now, which is a synthetic material. Vegetarian capsules are the one that are devoid of any GMO ingredients and other chemicals. They are also kosher certified making them highly proficient against humidity and temperature along with their quality to dissolve faster.

Gelatin Capsules

These capsules are the ones that are most common and also inexpensive in the market today. It is produced in various sizes and flavors to meet the requirements of most users out there. But the use of gelatin makes it quite controversial since they use animal by products for the production, promoting the inclusion of chemicals indirectly. This is seen as a huge drawback since gelatin is mostly derived from a protein that is present in the connective tissues of animals. Hence, people who are against the consumption of meat stay away from these capsules. Also, some people claim that they have experienced sensitivities and allergic reaction due to the presence of gelatin.

Apart from the various capsule types, the different sizes have been listed below.

  • Capsule size ‘00’ holds 0.735 grams of Kratom powder
  • Capsule size ‘0’ holds 0.5 grams of Kratom powder
  • Capsule size ‘1’ holds 0.4 grams of Kratom powder
  • Capsule size ‘2’ holds 0.3 grams of Kratom powder.

The capsule size ‘0’ is the most common size out there when it comes to Kratom capsules. The Kratom extracts are also available in the form of capsules but it is important that you pay attention to the dosage.

How long for the Kratom capsule effects to kick in?

Most users tend to have a false perception that the Kratom capsules take much time for absorption. However, it is not true as most users believe it to be. Kratom capsules are digestible and hence it gets absorbed sooner than expected. There might be a slight delay in the absorption process which can be equated only up to 5 minutes or more. The effects mostly kick in after 40 minutes of consumption. However, make sure that you consume Kratom capsules one hour before your meal or two hours after your meal.

There are certain tips and tricks to speed up your Kratom capsule absorption process. For example, you need to consume citric juices like orange, lemon and grapefruit, which in turn help in the faster release of enzymes. You also need to lower the level of water consumption so that you don’t dilute the enzymes. Some users also make micro holes in the capsule to facilitate the faster absorption of Kratom contained in it. Many users have adopted this trick to avoid the delay in absorption.