The reasons for calling or hiring an emergency plumber are pretty obvious. What signs indicate that you need a plumber? Even the slightest leak can quickly trigger wreckage to your home, including damage to the structure, walls, flooring, and more. Detecting leaks and having them repaired as early as possible can save your home from imminent damage.

The following are key signs you may need an emergency plumber:

1. Your toilet is randomly running.

If you hear water filling your toilet even if no one is using it at that moment, then you need to call an emergency plumber. Do not dismiss a toilet that is just randomly running and noisy. In fact, a noisy toilet can increase your water bill. They are the leading cause of unusual expensive water bills.

A running toilet could indicate that the seal connecting the bowl and tank is faulty. That causes water to leak into the toilet and precipitates the constant need to refill.

2. You have a leaking pipe.

There may be an issue with your boiler, it would be recommended to get in touch with your local boiler company. Leaky pipes are small nuisances that most people dismiss. You may think that a tiny bit of water leaking is not be a cause for concern, but any forewarning of leaky pipes present a big risk to your home or workplace.

Those small leaks can lead to bursting or breaking pipes, and can eventually increase your water bill.

3. The shower or bathtub is taking forever to drain.

Cleaning out the drain or pouring liquid drain unclogging solutions may be your first instinct when a shower or bathtub takes longer time to drain. Occasionally, that works. However, drain clogs that have stored up over time requires professional intervention.

Normally, showers and bathtubs drain out nearly instantly. Otherwise, it is time to call an emergency plumber.

4. There’s flooding inside the house.

When flooding occurs indoors, even when it’s not raining, it is mostly because of plumbing problems. These could be leaking water heaters, full septic tanks, faulty washing machine hoses, or improper working drainage systems.

Indoor flooding can cause hundreds and thousands of dollars in damage. This big hassle can also negatively affect your quality of life, and pose risks to your health and safety.

5. You’ve got noisy pipes, sinks, drains, and toilets.

Any noise coming from your plumbing could be due to bubbles in the fittings or system that have detached and come loose. Wherever the noise is coming from within your drainage system, it should never be ignored.

Have an emergency plumber inspect your home, especially if the loud noise is coming from water pipes. This could mean that something is about to break or is already broken in the system.

Fix Plumbing Problems Right Away

You should not have to live with these plumbing inconveniences when an emergency plumber can easily fix them. Don’t delay repairs on leaks or other problems, as they can generate more damage if left alone. If any signs and issues show up, it is best to bring in an emergency plumber.

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