For some people, the question still exists. Why invest in buying a sound bar at all? Sound bars are well liked for their mix of quality and convenience. The Sound bars, for instance, can provide an authentic quality sound with just one sound bar and a subwoofer. With the sound bar, you’ll be getting an even better audio experience, with only a few speakers to be connected. You can opt for Bluetooth-enabled speakers to make the installation process a little easier and to have a lesser amount of wires. If you compare it to the setup of a standard surround sound system, bearing in mind all the speakers that must be hooked up to each other as well as the cables that must be run, the easiest way of boosting your listening experience, is considering a sound bar.

The Function Of A Subwoofer

Subwoofers come with a standards surround sound setup and sound bar system (either 2.1 or 5.1). With a conventional surround sound setup, a cable must be run from the subwoofer. However, in most sound bar systems, the need for a cable running from the subwoofer is unnecessary. They utilize radio frequencies and are connected to the sound bar via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. When utilizing the built-in speaker of a TV, have you ever noticed the audio being fuzzy or distorted? This is because the conventional speakers are unable to accommodate the pitch extremes, whether being very low rumbles or high squeals. A subwoofer is the dedicated bass speaker, allowing the bass to come through strong and without distortion. The floor may reverberate from the bass, but your subwoofer will remain stable for the sound not to suffer. Check out the review on The Product Analyst for cost-effective sound bar selections.

Price Variance

Contingent on what you are looking for, a 5.1 sound bar may not be a considerable price difference between the 2.1 and 5.1 sound bars. It all depends on speaker quality compared to surround sound experience. When you’re searching the market for deals, you may be able to find a 5.1 sound bar for cheaper than $200. If you do not have a constricted budget, then you’ll spend anything in the range of hundreds of dollars, particularly if you are looking for good quality speakers with a wireless setup.

You can also consider a 7.1 sound bar if you’re able to afford it. It is also possible to find a regular 2.1 sound bar for round about $100. If you’re looking for the best quality speakers, you’ll pay anything from $300 to $400.

5.1 Sound Bar Systems Are Not The Preferred Choice By Everyone

When it comes to convenience, the 5.1 sound bar system may not be the best solution for you. A 2.1 system has an easy setup since it requires fewer speakers. Despite a 2.1 system technically having two speakers, the dual speakers are combined within a sound bar, which is installed just beneath the TV.

You do require a subwoofer, but the setup only entails two pieces of hardware with the worthwhile trade-off of superb quality sound. You will find it tricky to locate a better balance than the quality and convenience offered by the 2.1 sound bar system.