Knowing what is appropriate for a job interview can sometimes be a true enigma. This is especially true for those companies where you see people relying more on casual and business casual outfits rather than sticking strictly to business formal for their everyday office duties. However, you’ll want to leave a wonderful first impression appearing as a trustworthy, serious and very reliable person, which you can only do with a staggering outfit. That’s why we’re here to help you choose the perfect combination for your dream job interview and make sure you get the job you love.

A lady-boss suit

To impress your potential employers, feel free to wear a dashing tailored suit to your job interview. A navy or black combo with a white shirt will certainly make you look like the woman for the job who is determined to succeed in her career. It’s imperative that your clothes are pressed nicely and fresh out of the dry cleaners to make sure there are no stains. With a pair of black pumps, you’ll look like you’re ready to make the company the number one in Australia’s business circles. Aside from black and navy blue, a beige suit can also be a good choice, but make sure you stay away from vibrant colours.

Dresses never go out of style

Another way to impress your potential bosses is to wear a timeless midi dress. A little black dress will not let you down so feel free to consider it as one of the possible choices. In case you don’t own a perfect piece for the job interview, various retailers offer a wonderful choice of women’s dresses in Australia and all you need to do is look for the one that will fit you best. Once you’ve found the perfect dress, be sure to pay attention to footwear and not wear anything with open toes or any type of sandals. A little black dress will go perfectly with nude or black pumps, but feel free to consider ballerina flats too. Don’t go overboard with jewellery, but choose a pair of small, delicate earrings and a watch to complement the business look.

A pencil skirt can go a long way

A pencil skirt and a white shirt are all you really need when it comes to the ultimate work outfit. As long as the skirt hits at your knee and is not shorter, you’re in the safe zone. Instead of a white shirt, you can also match a silk or viscose blouse in solid colours. Be sure to keep cleavage to a minimum because too revealing an outfit can send the wrong message. Both the top and the bottoms should fit you perfectly. The last thing you want is to wear too tight or too baggy clothes and appear frumpy, so if you can’t find clothes that fit like they are made for you, consider going to a tailor. Australia has plenty of talented and professional tailors who’ll know exactly how to adjust your current clothes to your figure. Feel free to throw over a blazer if the blouse is sleeveless to get a bit of extra business vibe. T-strap pointed toe pumps will match flawlessly with the rest of the outfit.

Business-casual is always a yes

A traditional suit doesn’t always have to be the norm. Instead, you can opt for a pair of trousers and a sweater, for example. No matter what you wear, it will make a certain statement about your personal standards, which is why you should invest in quality pieces and wear them for this special occasion. A solid colour blouse in plum red and a pair of dark red trousers can be a great choice. If you match Oxford shoes and a small leather bag with the ensemble, it’ll be a very cohesive look that will make you look beyond professional and ready to work. Another rule to keep in mind when dressing for your dream job interview is that you should never go to an interview without wearing stockings, a hose, or socks.

Trying to land a dream job is stressful enough without having to worry whether you’ll dress well or not. Therefore, if you’re not sure what’s appropriate for a job interview, check out the aforementioned tips and feel free to pick one of the outfits we’ve recommended and you’ll certainly have a successful job interview.