Redesigning the interior of your home is always exciting when you’re working on a blank canvas. Choosing the right nature colored paints to match your kitchen cabinets can be challenging at times, but it’s possible to match your kitchen furniture, cabinets, and utilities with top natural colors in 2019.

So, before heading over to your favorite home supply store to pick up brand-new paint, we’d like to share some of our favorite colors in nature with you today. By the time you’re through, you’ll have plenty of ideas to choose from to paint the interior of your home in your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, family room, or any other room for that matter.

Please stick around to discover our favorite natural color recommendations in 2019 and beyond.


We love recommending this natural color for a number of different reasons. For starters, it’s very warm and inviting and it makes people feel welcome whenever they step into the room. Plus, it’s a very creamy shade of brown, which means it’s not going to clash with other furniture and it’s going to stay in style forever, which is important to consider when choosing new paint for a living room or family room in particular.

Last but certainly not least, this color is also really comforting. It helps brighten up a room and makes it feel welcoming, calm, and peaceful. So if you’re looking for a serene color, the various shades of hazelnut are definitely an excellent choice.

Dark Greens

As far as natural colors are concerned, we really tend to gravitate toward dark greens because they really help create a natural and welcoming feeling in any room. In fact, the deep green colors give off the appearance of lush botanicals. They also help promote the healing power of nature within your home, so it’s a good foundational color that can really set the tone inside the interior of your living space.

Basically, you’ll want to use dark green hues in well-lit, large living spaces like family rooms and living rooms. In smaller spaces, the dark green colors have a tendency to overpower everything and it makes the room look much darker than it should.. Then again, if you have a very bright smaller room this color can still work well in that space.

Soft Clay

For those homeowners looking to have a more earthy feel and presence, soft clay is an excellent option. It’s a much better choice than some of your typical browns and beiges that often dominate most rooms. Plus, it also goes well with those colors and helps make a room feel elegant, casual, and very inviting.

If you do decide to use soft clay to paint your room, it will go well with other colors including burnt orange, clove, caramel, and terra cotta. So it’s a very neutral and earthy natural color that also adds additional personality to your beautiful home and it’s one of the hottest paint trends in 2019 to really elevate a room and create a positive and calming vibe.


Mist is an interesting color to say the least because it’s really a blend of lilac, gray, green, and blue muted pastels. It doesn’t necessarily look like Easter egg, but it’s very inviting to say the least.

So if you want to have a misty looking hue in your room, this is a great option. And best of all, it can easily hide unwanted blemishes and make the room look fresh, new, and amazing.

Final Thoughts

Whether you live in an apartment in affordable and sunny Athens, Georgia or a condo in a cool weather city like frigid Chicago, as you can see, it isn’t difficult to come up with interior design inspirations to match your place. We’ve shared some beautiful natural colors with you today. So if you’re turning the interior of your home into a blank canvas, think about using these colors to brighten up the place and make it feel calmer, warmer, and more inviting and welcoming.