A post with minimum one hashtag gains 12.6% more engagement as compared to the posts without a hashtag. With this concrete result, it is worth coming up with a hashtag strategy and planning for your business if you want to reach your target prospects and develop a recognizable brand image!

It is a great marketing platform that eCommerce businesses and entrepreneurs can use to help grow their business. No matter if you are starting with your new store, or you are already making sufficient money in revenue every month, Instagram is a powerful tool to use in your advantage.

While Instagram hashtags can skyrocket your business to new heights, if used too frequently with no clear strategy in mind, it becomes inefficient and pointless. Here is an ultimate guide to Instagram hashtags with which you will not just attract followers, but you’ll get the right followers.

Why Using Instagram Hashtags Is Important?

Instagram algorithms have gone through a lot of changes in recent years, including new tools, new features like IGTV.

However, the one thing that has left constant is the importance of hashtags. Using targeted and relevant hashtags on your stories and posts are still one of the best ways to get attention from new audiences. This, as a result, can translate into more followers and more engagement for your business.

However, if you are looking to buy Instagram followers, look for a genuine audience only.

How Do Hashtags Work?

Instagram hashtags work by categorizing and organizing photo and video content. Every post you put with an Instagram caption and a few hashtags, help your content making discoverable.

While it is a relatively straightforward concept, the right usage of hashtags can truly get your posts off the ground into the hands of the target audience.

The bonus part: Instagram is constantly making improvements in terms of using hashtags in posts and stories. This, as a result, helps your content, making more discoverable and get more likes. However, speaking of more followers and likes, it is important to buy real Instagram likes that are authentic.

Organizing Your Instagram Hashtags

To create an organized hashtag system, using an excel sheet is highly preferred. Excel sheets can help you keep track of how often you use specific hashtags and which ones correlate to your popular posts. Eventually, you will find the relationship between certain hashtags, and this could help you decide which works best for your business.

Top Practices for Instagram Hashtags

Instagram hashtags can be a strong tool when used properly. Here are some rules you should practice to get more from them:

  • When to Use Instagram Hashtags

Probably, as often as possible! Whether it’s an Instagram story or a post, if you want to be seen by as many people as possible, you need to use Instagram hashtags. However, using them in your personal story might not be necessary since they are casual.

In the end, it’s best to weigh the topic or tone of your post, along with what you wish to achieve, and decide if it makes sense.

  • The Number of Hashtags You Should Use

While there’s no fixed rule when it comes to using hashtags, if you find using 30 is right for your posts, then you can go for it. The bottom line- it is up to you!

However, if you find certain number of hashtags a lot, you can opt for less. It’s fine to experiment with the number to reach the point where you get the most relevant ones to use.

Using Instagram hashtags in the right way can help you connect with your audience, as well as build good relationships with influential partners!