Here question arises that how much do you know about sleep? Sleep is something which is general to all. Blott need to let its users know some sleep facts that everyone out there must know. We have to kept a list of the most interesting and surprising facts about sleep that we may not know. We have a to look generally,the people spend the ⅓ time in life sleeping but it differs from age to age. ⅓ time of human being goes about thinking. Exercise regularly makes it easier to fall asleep and contributes to sounder sleeper.Occasional exercise make more difficult before going to bed.

Healthy adults need at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night.It indicates to start sleeping better. Some individuals are able to function without sleepless or drowsiness after as little as 6 hrs of sleep.Deprivation of sleep will kill you more quickly than food deprivation. Sleeping actually more important than food in the short term.It is much more likely to cause our brain is commonly being used much more and as soon as awake,we forget much of what we have decreased about. By sleep deprivation, the pain tolerance is reduced. This observation suggests that cutting a person’s sleep isn 50% dramatically abolishes pain. Sleeping can aid digestion.Hands must be positioned above the pillow apparently laying in your left side may help and reduce the heartburn and also helps in start sleeping better. Memory pillow also helps in good sleeping.

Some sleeping pills and sleep aids suppress REM (Rapid Eye Movement)sleep which can be unhealthy over period of time.The best mattress for side sleepers helps to makes your muscles relax .Exposure to noise at night may suppress immune work even if the sleeper does not wake.Unfamiliar noise may disturbs the sleep cycle during the first and last two hrs of sleep.

Stress physical or mental illness,living or sleeping management,family history shift work diet and exercise habits may make cause insomnia.Sleep does not define the insomnia but the drowsiness,difficulty in concentrating,headaches, irritability and other problems, it may cause each day. Mattress is the best for sleeping well if the side sleep sleep is comfortable and helpful.

Memory pillow also creates the bed good and comfortable for sleeping at night. We find it hard to get out of bed in the morning is the actual position called dysomnia. It gives the signal for a nutritional deficiency,deprivation,depression or other problems. No doubt for starting better sleeping,the best mattress is needed for the people that they can sleep soundly at night after working if they feel too much tired.So,we have follow the good routine and choose the best mattress for better sleep.