Email marketing can help your business grow faster and develop a brand identity over time. It is now proven that email marketing can provide your business with the highest ROI possible by any type of digital marketing. Although this much ROI looks tempting, it is only achievable if you make some organized efforts to make your email marketing campaign effective and increase your conversions.

If the current tactics aren’t working for you, then making a few changes to your campaign might help you increase the conversion rate. This might include email verification through services like TheChecker or any of the below mentioned tips on how you can increase the conversion rates in your email marketing campaign, here are some of them.

Mobile-Optimize Your Campaign

Most of the emails you send to your customers are opened and read on their personal mobile devices, in fact, the amount of mobile-read emails is much more than any other platform. This fact alone should be enough to motivate you to mobile-optimize your email marketing campaign. Here are some tips which might help you mobile-optimize your email campaign.

  • Keep the heading short to make sure that it is fully displayed in the preview text of mobile email notifications (depends on the email client).
  • Make the email body spacy and break the content into well written smaller pieces, so that your reader might easily digest it.
  • Make all the important points in bold text to make it easily noticeable.
  • Never include any broken or spam links in your emails, make sure to double-check before sending.
  • Never use large, high resolution images in your emails, because they can increase the load time of the emails and can repel the reader.

After applying all the above mentioned tips and optimizing your email marketing campaign for mobile devices, conduct little tests yourself to make sure that the thing works properly on all the devices.

Maintain A Hygienic Email List

The key to increasing your conversion rate is by maintaining a good hygienic list, and by hygienic, we mean the quality of your subscribers should be high, and inactive emails should be kept at a negligible amount to prevent any hard bounces.

You can also segment your list depending on various factors, this will further improve your email marketing campaign and would help you collect some useful data.

The Double Opt-In Strategy

Double opt-in is when you ask your subscribers to confirm that they’ve signed in for your newsletter and email updates. This can help you prevent any typos in the emails, and the subscribers you get are more likely to give you a higher conversion rate, since they’ve chosen to receive the updates themselves. It can further help you:

  • Decrease the chances of your email ending up in the spam folder.
  • Gives you a higher engagement rate.
  • You can easily market your products since they’ve opted-in themselves.

These were some simple and straightforward ways you can follow to increase the conversion rate in your email marketing campaign.