Tai chi is an ancient Chinese form of exercise and quite popular in many parts of the world for its several health benefits. By digging deeper into the details, you will get to know that it is more of a form of aerobics. It was initiated as a self-defense practice but later became popular as a slow-paced workout. Tai chi is not an intense exercise and keeps your body calm. The exercise lays its emphasis on deep breathing along with slow, calculated moves and controlled stretches.

Tai chi isnot an extreme workout yet it is very beneficial. It keeps your body in continuous motion during the exercise with a series of interconnected steps and stretches. According to Harvard University, this exercise gives the same health benefits as an intense workout, like a brisk walk, gives to your body. However, you need to understand how to perform those calculated moves in a controlled fashion, and that is when you can trust an experienced platform, like the one offered by Tai Chi Productions, one of the very best sites sharing the knowledge related to Tai Chai and helping you learn how to use it to your benefit.

Tai Chi ForAdults

Tai chi is a less a slow paced workout and can be easily managed by people of all ages. This exercise is equally suitable for people with low stamina and with various health and fitness issues. This exercise is ideal for elderly people as it is not an intense one and is performed with regular breathing. It is easily bearable by the weakened bones of the adults and goes well with their poor health status.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, tai chi reduces the chances of falls in elderly people too.

Benefits OfTai Chi

Tai chi exercise foster following health benefits:

  • It reduces the stress, depression, and anxiety level
  • It boosts the energy level
  • It improves the body balance and enhances flexibility
  • It strengthens the body muscles
  • It regulates the blood pressure

Unfavorable Conditions ForTai Chi

Tai chi is an exercise which can be done even in a wheelchair,but there are certain conditions where the patient must consult the physician before starting it. Conditions like osteoporosis, joint issues, fractures, or back pain may get worse with this workout therefore prior consultation with the doctor is required. The workout can also be modified according to specific needs of the person if needed.

Impact OfTai Chi In Specific Situations

Tai chi is beneficial for people with heart diseases, osteoarthritis, breast cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to research conducted by the University of Toronto, Canada. It is not a treatment for a disease,but it boosts the immunity and strength of the patients suffering from such diseases. It is a slow paced workout and doesn’t cause shortness of breath.

Tai chi improves body balance and structure and thus reduces the chances of falls by 50 percent as mentioned in a study by the Emory University School of Medicine.

Tai chi also affects the mental health of the people and improves their cognitive and emotional functions. It boosts the memory and prevents from complete memory loss.

Tai chi also reduces the level of anxiety, depression, and stress. Its meditation and breathing part is especially effective in this regard. It improves the social skills of the individual too.

Getting Started With Tai Chi

Tai chi is easier to perform exercise and doesn`t require any special equipment. You just need comfortable and breathable clothes,and you are good to go. It is pocket-friendly and easily approachable by most people. Mostly exercise centers cater to tai chi,and some senior facilitators also conduct voluntarily sessions for their community people.In this way, it becomes more convenient for the retired and senior citizens to avail this facility.

If you cannot manage to attend the sessions, you can also perform this exercise at your homes with the instructional DVDs available. It is advised in this situation to learn appropriate posture and structure with a professional before starting it all by yourself at home.