We begin this article with a question: are you struggling with hair removal?

When you decide to wake up two hours earlier than usual to shave your hair after every one month or three months, you know you have a problem on your hands. However, you do not need to struggle shaving your hair frequently, yet shortly after you see your legs and underarms look as if they passed through a serious rainy season.

The problem is that shaving is annoying, and it always leaves you with an uncomfortable feeling whether you shave or not. If this sounds like you and you are constantly looking for a permanent solution, then consider trying laser hair removal. Here are some things you need to know about it.

How does it work?

While it can seem like it is magic, it is actually scientific based to give the great results. Its mechanism works differently, depending on your skin type.

If you have a darker skin type, a cosmetic medical-grade laser will be attracted to the individual hair follicles, and work on their blood supply. In the case of lighter skin types, the laser will transmit highly concentrated beams of light directly on the pigment of the follicles. Regardless of the method, the laser will destroy and restrict any hair growth that is present.

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure, so the regulations that govern it are strict. Before you head to the treatment table always make sure that the technicians are qualified and the equipment has the stamp of approval. You can look for the New Jersey’s premier laser hair removal service to experience the qualified technicians and equipment.

It might not necessarily work for you

Thanks to the improvement in the design of lasers, this allows people with lighter hairs or dark skin to get positive results through the procedure. The only thing you need to do is research, as you need to ensure the center you are doing the operation are qualified and have the correct equipment. Avoid going to consultations that will not give you all the information you need, as the treatment may not help you in the end.

In addition, the process will not immediately lead to smooth and hairless skin – at least not immediately. In fact, dermatologists state that you need to go for five to six sessions at the least, for you to get amazing results.

It is not as painful or uncomfortable

If you have had your body hair waxed or shaved, you know how uncomfortable that feeling is. Laser hair removal is not a painless method, but it is not as uncomfortable as some of the other hair removal alternatives. In addition, the treatment is very fast, lasting for 20 minutes to an hour at most. However, this will also depend on the specific area that is being treated – bikini lines and underarms are faster, but the back and legs are longer.

When it comes to the post-laser effects, you may feel some itchiness, redness and warm sensations, but this will only last between 20 minutes to two hours, although there are devices that can cool the skin before and after the treatment.

Avoid the sun before the treatment

Note that you cannot get the treatment if your skin has suffered sunburns, so you must avoid the sun at all costs for at least four weeks. If you are a huge fan of the outdoors, then avoid getting laser hair removal procedure during the summer months, instead doing it during the winter or fall.

You need to shave the area that is going through the procedure

If you are going for the procedure, never come in with your hairy self. Remember that laser hair removal is not like waxing – therefore, you do not need to grow unwanted hair.

In addition, avoid the procedure if you have recently had a waxing session.The procedure works by targeting the follicle pigment, and the follicle must exist for the procedure to happen – something that waxing eliminates entirely.

Here is the thing; shave a day before the treatment – unless you want to shave at the doctor’s offices, which you probably don’t.

It is not possible to have full-body treatments

If you ever see a signboard saying that someone is offering full-body laser treatment procedures, stay away. The truth is that the body can only handle cosmetic heat and light up to specific amounts safely; anything more than that, and you are damaging your skin in the long term.

On that note, leave your skin care products like your usual lotions, makeup and sunscreen when you are going for the appointment. These have a high chance of reacting with the laser, leading to discoloration in the skin. If you are using prescribed facial creams, then stop using them two to four weeks before the treatment.

Do not tan your skin before the procedure

There are numerous risks that come with tanning procedures, but the laser hair removal is another valid reason to stop the practice. Similar to the way topical products will react to the laser, using the procedure when the skin is not its natural color will discolor your skin in the long term.
If your natural skin color is dark, that is okay, as there is a procedure for you. However, you should hold it off if you are tanner than your usual skin tone.

Some medication is best avoided

There are certain medications that will make the skin highly sensitive to lasers, especially light-sensitive ones. When you take them before treatment, they will make the skin react negatively, causing skin color change or blisters.

It is best to avoid them, and ask your doctor whether any of the medications you take is light sensitive – at least for the sake of your skin.

Take a break from exercise

The body will need at least 48 hours before you can exercise. This is due to the skin being sensitive, and the friction of your clothes irritates the skin more often.

Final thoughts

If you have wanted to get rid of annoying body hair, then laser treatments are good for you. However, there are still safety precautions you need to take before going through the procedure, for the sake of your long term health.