Investing in a snow blower is a wise decision. It definitely means no more aching back and blisters on your hands, which is a good thing. What’s challenging is choosing the finest snow blower for your specific requirements. You will truly be ‘blown away’ by an overwhelming variety of snowblower types and models.

On your way, you will have to learn the difference between 2 stage and 3 stage snowblower, along with a lot of other important details and features worth knowing. There are plenty of factors to take into account prior to purchasing a snow thrower. The Bumper Crop Times team of specialists is here to elaborate on them.

1. Start shopping in October.

If you’re looking to save your money wisely when hunting for a snowblower, make a purchase in October while they’re on sale. Bear in mind that once the first blizzard hits, you will have to invest a lot heftier amount and most likely end up with the wrong machine.

2. Electric and cordless snow throwers: for occasional snowfalls.


If it doesn’t usually snow heavily in your area (or if you just don’t like the idea of using a shovel), an electric or cordless snow throwing machine is just the ticket. These babies don’t weigh much and are a piece of cake to use. Overall, electric and cordless snow removal machines are ideal for occasional snow clearing sessions. These machines are rather inexpensive, they don’t need gas, and they don’t take up too much storage space.

3. Single-stage snow removal machines: for moderate snowfall depths.

Single-stage snow-blowers are great for small to average-sized driveways and sidewalks (9 inches or less). They are made to deal with moderate snowfall depths. Lightweight and small-sized, a single-stage snow thrower is very easy to move. However, if you use it for clearing heavy snowfalls, it will most likely bog down quite often.

4. 2-stage snow blowers: for high-volume snowfalls

2-stage snow throwers are great for clearing long, wide, or hilly driveways. Unlike their single-stage brothers, they can easily handle high volume and packed snow (8 inches and more). These machines are far from lightweight, so they’re going to require a lot of storage room in your garage.

5. 3-stage snow blowers: 20 inches and more.

These machines are the latest breed of snow throwers. These beasts are what you need if you have to fight 20 inches or more of wet and heavy snowfall. 3-stage snow throwers are expensive and (naturally) require a lot of storage space. Make sure you research the issue more in-depth prior to purchasing this excellent machine.

Snowblower Safety: Points to Keep in Mind

Upon purchasing the right type of snowblower for you, make sure you take the following safety precautions when using the machine:

  • do not wear loose clothes when using your snow thrower
  • do not allow kids to use the machine
  • start the snowblower outside
  • wear earplugs

Final Thought

Cutting to the chase, when selecting the most suitable snowblower machine for you, you need to take into account such aspects as your property size, usual snow accumulation, and the features of each snow thrower type. At Bumper Crop Times, we will always assist you in choosing the right snowblower model for your individual needs.