Both small and medium-sized and large companies face difficulties in logistics and are affected by inadequate management in their own activities or operations. This is how I explain its function and what relevance it has in the companies, be it industrial, commercial or services, in all the logistics and the supply chain take vital importance.

It is worth mentioning a logistics concept in a simple way, as a discipline that plans, organizes, directs and controls the whole set of activities or functional operations that take place within a supply chain, achieving customer satisfaction and guaranteeing optimal management. In other words, one could not talk about the logistics discipline without mentioning the supply chain, since these are related.

On the other hand, a supply chain varies according to the company, that is, not all are equal. This is because the companies are of different nature, they also have different methods and processes, therefore, their implementation is different for each of them, and they can be short or wide supply chains but there are many companies which works in all major industries and 3PL Links is one of them.

It could be said that a supply chain is the necessary connection for companies to develop their purpose of satisfying their customers directly or indirectly, obtaining more efficient and effective flows throughout the chain, where the goal is to obtain more reliable chains, more fast, better integrated, reduce their costs, be friendly with the environment and finally more competitive.

Today, supply chains not only seek to finalize the customer but the power to incorporate their product into the supply chain once the customer has made use of this, this is known as reverse logistics.

An essential feature in the companies is the logistic system, which is constituted by the set of means of production, transport, maintenance, and storage used to circulate the products of the state of raw material stored in the suppliers to finished elements held by the client.

There are three important functions of a logistics system within the company and that most authors propose: provisioning, production, and physical distribution. Logistics looks for the best methods so that they are integrated and communicated based on efficiency, effectiveness, and effectiveness. The logistic system starts from the conception of materials or raw material – in the case of an industrial company – until the finished product arrives at the client’s client and this cycle is repeated again.

In the case of a commercial company, we would be talking about the acquisition of its products, transportation, storage and inventories, and then its physical distribution.

In the case of a service company, it supplies to provide that service, a development of the service (implementation) and finally the provision of that service (execution).

So, the logistics system is an entire integration of Clients different activities within the supply, production, and physical distribution, which allows companies to be more profitable and sustainable.

As a result, the importance of knowledge and logistical practices is reflected, focused on companies or organizations, even more so as it is a necessity for these before a competitive, changing and demanding world.