Exposed surfaces can become dirty and dull over time. Mud, pollen, mildew, dried grass clippings, and the greasy film from air pollution can really damage or dull your home, furniture, and tools. Pressure washers make quick work of tough cleaning jobs and solve other problems like removing flaking or blistered paint. In layman terms, a pressure washer is simply a high pressure water pump powered by an electrical motor. The washer takes in water from a water inlet at low pressure and a gas engine or electric motor pumps the water out of the hose at higher pressure. Hence, they are generally used to remove tough stains, sticky grime, mold, and mildew from difficult places like yard fence, exterior siding, etc. Whenever you need to give an object a thorough cleaning and your garden hose is not enough, use pressure washers for efficient cleaning.

Types of Pressure Washer

A pressure washer’s power determines what kind of jobs it can handle. The pressure is measured in PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) while the water it consumes is measured in GPM (Gallons per Minute). When buying a pressure washer, you should look at these two features and select a washer that uses the lowest amount of water and offers the highest amount of pressure. You can take a look at this useful review to find out which pressure washer is the best suited to your needs. Pressure washers are divided into three categories based on their power sources. These types are:

1. Electric Pressure Washers

Electric washers run on an electric motor. They usually cost less, run quietly, offer good cleaning, and weigh less than the gas models. However, they do involve the hassle of carrying a power cord around. They are ideal for light-duty jobs such as cleaning patio furniture, grills, vehicles, etc.

2. Gas Pressure Washers

These pressure washers run on a gas engine and provide more mobility and power. They can handle tough jobs like cleaning the deck, patio, sidewalk, driveway, or exterior siding. The cost of these washers may differ according to their PSI and GPM, and are often costlier than electric washers.

3. Battery-Operated Pressure Washers

As the name suggests, these washers run on a pre-charged battery. They offer the maximum portability and lowest costs. However, they are not as powerful as electric or gas engine washers. Moreover, they also have the risk of the battery running out unexpectedly.

Uses of Pressure Washer in Home

These washers are generally used commercially for large scale and tough cleaning jobs. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them for your household needs. Here are some uses of the pressure washer in cleaning your home.

Washing Cars and Other Vehicles

The most obvious use of pressure washers is to clean your cars, trucks, or any other vehicles. The high pressure system of these washers is perfect to clean the sticky dirt and grime from the cars without removing the paint. There is bound to be more dirt and gravel in your car or other vehicle. This can make the area slippery and dirty. It is better to ensure the water is free to flow away and is unlikely to harm anyone before you start any cleaning. Clean the vehicles in an area where there is proper outlet for water to flow away.

Cleaning Garden Tools

Garden tools like the spade, fork, rake, etc. get very dirty when you use them. They can gather dirt, grime, and rust over time which can damage and hurt them. Cleaning them from time to time extends their life and keeps them in good condition. Pressure washers are ideal for such tasks as the dirt is sticky. Use an appropriate nozzle that has a lower pressure and is well-suited to these tasks. You might also need to ensure that the pressure does not peel away the paint of the tools. When cleaning your lawn more or other such objects, you should clean underneath the object also.

Clean Driveways and Garage Doors

Your driveways and garage surely suffer a great deal of damage and dirt. Driveways are the entrance to your homes and should be kept in good condition. While you need not clean it regularly, you still have to clean it every few months. That way your driveway looks attractive, light, and fresh. Similarly, your garage doors face a lot dirt and grime every day. They also have the potential issues with bird droppings. Hence, giving it a good clean every now and then can really increase their life and update the look of your house.

Concrete and Wood Patio Cleaning

Cleaning a deck or patio is no easy feat! Patios and decks sit outside and face discoloration due to sun exposure. Moreover, they can also collect a lot of dirt and grime over time. Giving it a good clean every few months, or even yearly can work wonders for the look of your home. Plus they can increase the life of the patio or deck. Some high pressure washers can really hurt your deck materials. So ensure that you get the right power in pressure washer for your outdoor cleaning.

Cleaning Patio Furniture

When you are cleaning the patio, it makes sense to clean the patio furniture while you’re at it. Patio furniture is exposed to sun, dirt, moisture, mold, mildew, etc. Hence, it can suffer damage easily. However, giving them a good cleaning every now and then can really increase their life. You can also use these to clean indoor furniture. The process is pretty simple and straightforward.

Clean Fence and Siding

For those homes with exterior siding or fencing, cleaning can be a real sore. Siding can get really dirty and worn looking over time giving your home an old, worn-out look. Pressure washers can help you clean the siding and fence in your home’s exterior with little effort. Just make sure you soap the siding from bottom to top and rinse from top to bottom. Also, don’t spray on the siding panels from below. Cleaning the fence with pressure washers is very easy and efficient. Plus, the results are really rewarding too!