When you see a house, the first thing you see is its exterior. The first impression of your home depends on the view of your exterior. It gives the viewer an idea of how the interior might look. Hence, it is important to keep the exterior of your home appealing and updated. Simple and basic clean up can go a long way in adding curb appeal to your home. Keeping the exterior walls and trim clean, cleaning up the garden, mowing the lawn, keeping the driveway and landscape clean can make your home look fresh and well-kept without any additional expenses or renovations. However, if your exterior walls or gardens are looking tired or old, it is probably the right time to think of some small renovations to update the look of your home. Moreover, these updates can add value to your property in the long run. Here are some ideas that can help you give your house a great makeover and a new lease of life.

Refresh the Exterior Paint

This is undoubtedly the simplest and easiest way to give your exterior fresh and new look. A fresh coat of paint can make your home look new, well-maintained and appealing. It also works wonders in improving your curb appeal. Moreover, choosing the right paint can help you unify the look of your home and highlight its best features. A good paint can protect your walls from bad weather, damp, moisture, mold, and mildew. When repainting the exterior, make sure you select a paint that is weather-proof and durable. Also, remember to give your doors, windows and trimmings a touch up to enhance their appearance.

Update Your Doors and Windows

An inviting front door can greatly amp up your home’s curb appeal. Similarly, windows also take up a lot of space in your home’s façade. Keep them updated by retouching the paint on the doors, windows and trims when needed. You can change their length or positions to let in more natural light. Changing the front door to a new and modern design and installing effective window treatments like shutters or blinds can make them look good and help you regulate the room temperature. Moreover, it can also give them a new lease of life and add value to your property.

Install Siding or Wall Cladding

Another simple way to enhance your exterior is to install a siding or wall cladding. Exterior siding can fade over time when exposed to the sun. This makes your home vulnerable to water, mold or insect damage. It is better to replace old siding or install new one to keep your walls well protected. If you already have wall cladding and it is old or faded, you should get it replaced or repaired. If your exterior walls have different materials, you can remove or cover them up with a siding of a different material. A siding can unify the appearance of your home and give it a new look. You can learn more about siding from this website. Make sure you choose the right material that suits your home best for your siding.

Invest In Landscaping

Landscaping makes the biggest difference in increasing the exterior appeal. Good landscaping can bring instant uplift to any home. Adding some well-placed shrubs and plants can hide the structural mistakes or unappealing features of your exterior. At the same time, they bring color and beauty to your home. You can take up landscaping yourself or hire a landscape contractor. However, it is important to have a detailed plan of what you want before you start landscaping. You should maintain a good balance of lawn and plants. Also, ensure that you don’t accidentally cover up the windows or light sources as you plant.

Update the Roof

A damaged or worn-out roof can make your entire home look old and worn. Even if the rest of your home is in pristine condition, a damaged roof takes away from the home’s appeal. For many homes, the roof is a dominant feature of the design. If you want to give your home a makeover, changing the roof is a good place to start. You can change the shape of the roof, change the exterior covering, change or improve the tiles or replace the roof to transform your home’s exterior. Just remember to add roof insulation at the time of remodeling to meet building regulations.

Add an Extension to the Exterior

For those of you who have ample outdoor space and wish to enhance the look of the home, consider adding some sort of extension to your outdoor design. An extension can be anything from an internal patio or deck to a gazebo in the garden. A well-designed porch, patio, or bay windows can work wonders for your home’s curb appeal. Adding a wooden deck or patio gives you additional seating options as well as a means to enjoy favorable weather. Moreover, you can also shape or balance the proportions of an uneven home with a well-planned extension.

Highlight Architectural Features with Lighting

Your home’s front or façade may have many interesting architectural features of structural details that often go unnoticed and yet give your home a great look. Window shutters, molding around windows and doors, wall and window trim, and other details can all add interest to the exterior. You can highlight these interesting features with clever painting and well-placed lighting. Sconces, floor lights, over the door lights, and accent lights can help illuminate your exterior after dark and also highlight its key features. Lights can make your home visible even at night and easy to navigate in the dark.

Makeover the Driveway

A neat, well-paved driveway will make a lasting first impression on any visitors. Make sure your driveway is paved nicely and in good condition. Ensure all the lights are working properly. Instead of a plain concrete pathway, think of adding stamped concrete pavers or bricks to the driveway. This can give a smooth finishing touch to your façade and greatly improve your curb appeal.