You face many uncertainties everyday but, one that you must expect, despite your rather expensive skin care regimen is that your skin ages everyday. That’s a reality that you share with everybody else, whether or not you take deliberate steps to prevent skin aging and promote a youthful complexion that lasts longer. Fact is, there is more than one solution to make your skin tighten without surgery, and that includes your often neglected neck skin.

No Surgery Solutions To Tighten Neck Skin

In all honesty, you cannot rely on an all-in-one solution to make your skin tighten. In practice, you do have to give your skin better care on a daily basis if you want to see significant improvements in your sagging neck skin. What you will likely find startling is that you do not even ever have to consider surgery to lift and unwrinkled your aging neck skin.

Well, here is the 5-Step Combination Neck Skincare you’ll love to spoil your neck skin with:

Step 1: Exfoliate your neglected neck skin. Go pay more attention to your aging neck skin and start healing it. Let the healing begin by exfoliating your neck skin. You can choose from two categories of exfoliants: physical or chemical. In general, all skin types, with the particular exception of acne-challenged skin, are good candidates for physical exfoliation. This type of exfoliation includes skin brushing, rubbing skin with a soft cloth, and scrubbing.

On the other hand, chemical exfoliation is suited for all skin types, even for acne-prone skin. However, if you have sensitive skin, you must take extra precaution if you intend to use chemical exfoliation. You can exfoliate your neck skin with a chemical agent by yourself or, with the help of a professional. Make sure to consider your skin tolerance for a chemical agent and follow manufacturer instructions, including pre- and post-treatment care, down to the “t”. Exfoliate once up to thrice weekly depending on your skin tolerance. On a daily basis, all skin types can benefit from the mild exfoliation that alpha (AHA) and poly (PHA) hydroxy acids can render to your skin.

Step 2: Boost neck skin hydration and moisture. For this step, the combination of well-formulated serums and moisturizers can redound to instant and longer-term positive impacts to the health and appearance of your aging neck skin. The best neck cream for saggy skin will combine the following functionalities:

  • Hyaluronic acid to fill your skin with water molecules that make it appear plumper and fuller
  • Moisturizing ingredients that condition and smoothen your skin, such as glycerin and squalane
  • Mild exfoliation, usually with the addition of AHAs or PHAs but, when you have acne-prone skin, salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid, in the solution will provide even more benefits to include regulating sebum production.
  • Peptides to facilitate faster skin cell turnover, including raising the volume of collagen fibers to renew your aging neck skin.

Step 3: Help your skin get ahead of damage. Years of damage to your neck skin caused by unprotected sun exposure, poor skincare habits, gravitational pull, and sheer negligence, among others, more than make you deserving of high-grade pampering backed by the latest scientific advances in skincare. Surgery, indeed, is not an option now that the following non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures are more accessible than ever:

Laser Skin Resurfacing

This procedure uses a single wavelength of light which is beneficial for treating sun-damaged skin, even out skin discoloration, and smoothen fine lines and wrinkles. Although, laser treatments typically solve very specific skin issues at a time.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy

It uses light energy to improve the appearance of aging skin, just as laser treatments do. However, since IPL uses a broad spectrum of light to treat skin, this procedure can provide solutions to multiple skin issues for every treatment session.

Radio Frequency (RF) Therapy

This non-invasive procedure utilizes radio waves to stimulate the deeper layers of your skin and force a skin turnover to happen sooner. This mechanism renews your aging neck skin faster. In practice, IPL and RF therapies are commonly combined. IPL works better at sloughing off dead and damaged skin whereas RF complements this by promoting faster collagen production so that a newer, lesser damaged layer can replace it and rise to the surface.


This procedure is specially useful in reviving the youthful appearance of neck skin where the primary cause of aging is loose skin and unwanted fat deposits. In this procedure, your neck skin is subjected to alternating temperatures that are extremely cold and extremely hot using either a heating device or, a chamber where you step into. The cold temperature damages the fat cells that are causing your neck skin to appear loose and droopy. With the succeeding application of extremely hot temperature, these damaged fat cells are melted and are reintroduced to your bloodstream. These are later excreted from your body via natural means.

Step 4: Tone and nourish. Improve your neck skin tone by performing a combination of full-body workouts and targeted stretching exercises for the neck. A nutritious diet that fits your lifestyle will aid in rejuvenating your skin. Add to that, keeping your body well-hydrated from within.

Step 5: Minimize sun exposure. Avoid the sun’s damaging UV rays. Add a sunscreen to your routine, ideally, one that provides a broad spectrum UV protection and at least SPF 30. The best performing sunscreens will also be formulated with antioxidants for added sun damage protection.


Aging skin increasingly becomes everybody’s problem and yours too, normally as age 30 is crossed. While saggy and loose neck skin due to aging may not be absolutely avoidable, there are several strategies that you can do to delay and even reverse it. With several available pain-free remedies and treatment within your reach, who needs surgery?

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