Sure, everything is bigger in Texas, and a great wedding is no exception. If you can’t go all in for a wedding then you are missing out on a giant opportunity to spread joy and fun for the entire community of family and friends. A good place to start is with a wedding furniture rental. This avenue allows you to outfit the event with the best of the best in terms of seating, tableware, arbors and accessories. It creates an atmosphere conducive to laughter, joy and life-long memories.

Getting the Basics Down

With Austin wedding rentals it’s easy to make sure you have the main things covered. You can decorate the tables and the grounds and the ceremony with hundreds of beautiful details. Choose from some of the following embellishments:

  • An assortment of table chairs
  • Tables in a variety of styles for appetizers and drinks
  • Comfortable seating options from Adirondack chairs to Madrid chairs
  • Table settings including glassware, silverware and linens

Nail down everything necessary for a great wedding with Archive Rentals. Making sure everyone has a place to sit, a glass to drink from and a napkin to use allows everything to run smoothly. This gives your guests the best chance to fully enjoy the occasion.

Expanding on the Essentials

What is a wedding without a few over-the-top (or at least special) flourishes? Consider renting that nice Camila arbor just perfect for an arch of fresh flowers. Another option is to light the grounds with brass Moroccan lanterns to add an air of mystery to the event. As the celebration extends into the late hours, a collection of wool blankets around for warmth adds a nice vibe to the event. Finally, some crystal candlesticks on the table make a nice statement.

A wedding furniture rental is a great way to set the wedding up for success. You’ll have a greater choice to decorate the way you want.