Every bed needs a bedside table like every bee needs its honey. A bedside table will be used right before you go to sleep right away when you wake up. It can be used to hold everything from your phone to your favourite candle.

As they are so necessary, why not take it on as another style opportunity! With colour, scale and texture your bedside table can be decorated to not only hold your belongings but add to the character of your bedroom.

By following a few simple tips your bedside table will be advanced in not only functionality but personality!

Start by Cleaning Up

Begin the styling of your bedside table by completely clearing your bedside table. Bedside tables often fill up quickly with clutter so there’s no surprises if you find dead flowers, broken phone adapters and old diaries. So, it’s time to get organised and get rid of the mess and start with a clean slate.

Begin with the Basics

Make the first decorations and accessories on your table the ones of necessity. To find out what is necessary, understand what you want to get out of your bedside table.

Are you a reader and need space for your books? Do you need a bedside table light? Do you have a night time routine that includes lighting candles and putting on hand cream, therefore do you need space for these objects? By asking yourself questions you will discover what elements to add to styling your bedside table and what will increase or decrease the functionality of it.

Pre-Plan the Arrangement of Your Bedside Table

Now that you know what is going to go on top of your bedside table, start laying out the objects and rearranging them until you’ve found the perfect scaling of elements.

In this stage you should also start buying and finding design pieces to pop onto your bedside table. Try a little pot plant to add a natural vibe. A ceramic jar can be charming. Or a geometric, metal candle holder has the potential to aid an industrial themed room.

When forming together the style of your bedside table, take it as an opportunity to build upon the theme of your home.

Also, by pre-planning the arrangement you can avoid clutter. Clutter is an easy way to build up stress. The bedside table is beside your space for sleeping. Sleeping is important for multiple reasons including productivity and energy so don’t take any risks in interrupting your sleep pattern through a cluttered room.

Style to Your Taste

Similar to styling any furniture of your home, remember to use design as a way to reflect who you are and represent you.

In designing any element of any room of your house remember three things: colour, texture and shape. Whether it be colour, texture or shape, one of these elements should be matching to other furniture or accessories throughout the room. Do not just carelessly choose décor, make every decision one of importance and know that if anything, it will enhance the room.

Some Styling Ideas

For a mid-century modern room use a colour scheme of shades and then randomly put in objects of bright colours. For example, your light and clock may be a light grey shade, so then get a candle that is a bright pink. This is a simple way to balance your colours and shades.

Why not put a photo frame beside you bed? There’s nothing better than waking up and seeing some of your loved ones faces, so keep them close by and start your day off by looking at something that makes you happy!

Find a trendy clock to add some funkiness to your bedroom. These days you can buy clocks from almost anywhere and they have been around for centuries. Look for a retro clock or a clock shaped like a dog even!

Don’t limit yourself creatively when styling any part of your home, including something as simple as your bedside table. See everything as a chance to upgrade your house and make it a place you would love to invite your friends and family.