The most commonly used way of structuring in private blog networks is pyramid systems. The different levels used receive the following names.

Tier 1 : It is the main blog you want to position and from which you want your users to reach it, you must take care of it as the most precious. In this blog it is standard that you acquire your own domain and create a custom design.

Tier 2: These will be your minor blogs, whose goal is to position and grant hierarchy to your main blog ( Tier 1 ). For this, it is usual to use free websites or blogs that do not have the same importance for you in positioning.

Tier 3 : In this level are those blogs of lower quality than Tier 2 , these are the links, comments, sites of less interest or forums. They can be designated by an automatic generator (program that creates Tier 3 quality links ). However, these links are easier to detect by Google search engines.

The structure, which I showed you earlier is not the only one, each GNP created uses a system with a custom structure and style. Thus, you can assign hierarchy to the main blog you want to position.

Use Of Expired Domains In The PBN

However, a private blog network ( Private Blog Networks ) can also be created using expired domains, that is, domains that have not been updated by their former owners. If you use expired domains it is easier to achieve the goal of positioning your blog. This is because each domain implies an IP and it allows you to host a blog from your private network that already has seniority. This decreases the likelihood of a search engine penalty.

Advantages Of Expired Domains

Expired domains offer you different benefits. I show you the most important:

By acquiring an expired domain you save work, since you do not start from scratch, it is possible that part of the SEO required in that domain is done, and take advantage of it.

Some domains have a high number of visits. This helps you position the domain of your blog, as users are attentive to them.

You can acquire domains with a well-used web positioning, with a network of quality links, with this you achieve more visits.

The saving of time and work, and money if you are one of the people that requires external help, is important since you do not need to invest in SEO strategies.

When you use good quality domains that included recognized sites, you have part of the work already done. A domain that has taken advantage of the positioning strategies and was part of an important website, gives greater hierarchy to your main blog is greater.

A private blog network is known as PBN, and this is owned by the same person who wants to position a main blog. To do this, you must apply a simple pyramid structure, with a set of blogs that require a domain which may be expired.

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