What is that beautiful fragrance in the air? Smells almost like “love”, huh? Actually, it’s just pheromones and a bit of good hygiene.

Science says smelling good is the key to attracting anyone towards you. But remember, there is a thin line between smelling great and giving off a strong stench that drives away your eye candy.

While your body does produce pheromones, something that makes your unique smell, you can’t always rely on it to grab your crush’s attention.

Smelling nice is not as hard as you think it to be. And we’re here to help you sort through that problem. Here are some great tips to help your smell reach out to your beloved crush, or maybe even a celebrity!

1. Daily Showers are Necessary

Summer or not, this one is a must. Your body has sweat glands which tend to host bacteria since they are moist. Bacteria at work can ruin your hygiene, credibility and any chance you have with your crush.

A  shower and a great scrub is going to keep your body clean and let it breathe. It will also keep the bacteria away. Remember, a daily shower will keep you smelling fresh and have your crush thinking of you every day.

2.  Stock Up on Body Sprays and Perfumes

First things first, never go for strong perfumes or body sprays every day. For daily use, pick one that has a great smell and is not too overpowering after application.

Your fragrance has a mild smell and lasts throughout the day, even when you are on the run. Although strong perfumes can get your senses rushing, it may not always be the best for daily use.

According to faveable, there are great colognes that women find absolutely irresistible. Taking a women’s opinion when picking your fragrance will really help you out.

3.Let Your Pulse Points Do the Work

This one is a surefire hack. Most people use sprays on their clothes which sort of evaporates the smell. The strength of the smell may cross your nose but not clear enough for others to comprehend.

The trick is to spray it on your pulse points, which are usually the areas where your veins are throbbing and easy to feel. Good pulse points for perfumes are on your wrist, neck and behind your ears.

4. Wash Your Clothes Regularly

Showering alone won’t make you smell your best. Clothes that have not been washed with detergent, for days, will have that lingering scent of sweat.

Even if you hang your unwashed clothes, the smell tends to stick. So when you come home and throw your clothes in the basket, don’t forget all about it. Make sure you have a weekly laundry routine.

5. Ease it with Febreze

After washing your clothes, some detergents have a strong after smell. This does wear off with use but it persists for a long time while you wear it. In such cases, Febreze will keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Be on the lookout for Febreze that has a long-lasting and mild scent. Once a while, spray it around your closet so the smell is confined and doesn’t escape instantly. This works like magic!

6. Pick Out Killer Combos

There are certain products that can leave great fragrance trail miles away and for hours. Cosmetics made from exotic fruits like peach or passion fruit can have an amazing effect and even give you a dopamine rush.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match. For both men and women, there are products that you should carefully pick and set as your customized combo. This fragrances should balance and complement each other.

7. Bubble Gum

Who says only your body’s smell can drive your crush nuts? Smelling great is an inside job too. So you have to cover all areas that are prone to smell bad. The mouth is a sensitive place, and can easily stink based on what you’re eating.

Carry mints or bubble gum to avoid getting caught up in a smelly situation. Pop one whenever you feel bad breath on the edge. And to keep your breath in check, blow on your palm and take a quick sniff. If it smells okay to you, you are good to go.

8. Carry Mini Lotions and Sanitizers

Lately there are really cute bottles of lotions and sanitizers that you can carry around in your pouch. You can even DIY these sets, putting in your favourite scented products in old bottles.  These can actually help you in times of despair.

You can apply these products on the go or just when your skin feels dry.
They aren’t just to smell good, but also do a good job of retaining moisture on your skin. As touch-ups are necessary, keep them in a bag that you regularly carry around.

9. Invest in Shampoos and Shower Gels

Showers are fine, but it’s not enough to avoid the body odor or hair smell that forms.  So get yourself a shower gel, shampoo and conditioner that smells amazing.

The best thing about this is that these products tend to leave a long lasting fruity fragrance. You’ll feel fresh and smell great at the same time!

10. Maintain Your Hygiene

A routine is very important to get your hygiene priorities straight. If you want your crush to not just notice your divine self, but actually remember you, hygiene is key.

From washing your face,  cleaning your teeth, moisturizing and keeping your nails and feet clean, hygiene can  make all the difference. Make sure you have some weekly me time and daily beauty routines. This will keep you looking your best.

Final Thoughts!

Magazines tell you how looks are the first thing that a person notices. It is true but smell, my friend, is what attracts them towards you.

Your crush may gravitate towards you even if all they want is to know the time. But smelling fresh is going to give them that push because you seem approachable.

There is absolutely no need to go haywire about buying every product that smells heavenly. Just pick the ones that get you hyped up and has the “this is it” factor from within.

So, stay fresh! And stay you:

Author Bio:

Angie Grey, an expert author from Faveable.com brings you all you need to know about fashion and grooming. She loves the outdoors and travels the world like a nomad.