A road trip through the European countryside is a beautiful way to spend summer, plus you can take your own car! Here’s how to ship a car overseas for vacation.

Did you know that you can experience beautiful Europe from the comfort of your own vehicle? You can, and it is often cheaper than renting a car for the duration of your extended European vacation.

Doing your research beforehand can simplify the process of shipping your car overseas.
Here’s how to ship a car overseas for your dream European road trip.

How to Ship a Car Overseas

Shipping a car overseas will take a few weeks to complete, so it requires a lot of planning and preparation.

Before you car goes on the long journey overseas, do a lengthy clean and search to take out any unneeded items. This will help expedite the process of going through European customs. You’ll also need to make sure that your car has been fully serviced and up-to-date because customs will charge for an inspection in that country.

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The yacht shipping company you choose will have a satellite tracking for your vehicle so that you know where your car is until it arrives at its destination.

Find a Yacht Shipping Company

Your yacht shipping company can be extremely helpful when it comes to understanding the process and what steps to take to get your car where it needs to go. That includes getting the necessary paperwork and certificates for customs. This will help you have the best vacation that you can.

Check to see if the shipping company you’re considering has door-to-door pickup and delivery. This will normally involve both land and sea travel for your vehicle.
The cheaper method would be to roll on and roll off. This means that you personally drive the car up to the boat and then you will need to drive it off. Then you can enjoy your dream European road trip.

One big aspect of shipping cars overseas is insurance. You will need to have insurance on your vehicle in order to ship it. The coverage should cover the cost of the car. The shipping company might be able to offer additional coverage for your car before it gets shipped overseas.

Feel free to ask about what kind of safety measures they take for the cars like containers and enclosed methods of transport. This can be more expensive because it’s in a single container alone instead of with multiple other cars.

Consider Getting a Customs Broker

Hiring a customs broker will help make sure you don’t miss any step in the paperwork and documentation process.

A customs broker will understand the complicated paperwork and can also assist you when dealing with a non-English speaking country. You will need to have a notarized statement saying you’re allowed to have the car overseas, and a form that declares dangerous goods.

Your customs broker will let you know that you’ll need to have notarized versions of your sales paperwork from the vehicle along with the car’s registration.

Experience Vacation in Comfort

Knowing how to ship a car overseas can better your European vacation by giving you comfort and saving you money in the long run.

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