Have you always wanted a spa in your backyard but never knew how to make it work? Click here to learn how to set up the backyard spa of your dreams.

Are you ready to expand the beauty of your home out to the backyard? With a little bit of planning and a whole lot of inspiration, you can turn your backyard into an extension of your interior.

It can be a place that you go to escape, relax, and wash your worries away. It can become the greatest gathering spot for friends and family. A backyard spa is just the ticket when you’re looking to create a sanctuary to reflect on life and re-center the mind.

The planning stage is nearly half the fun. This is the time to play around with pergola or gazebo options, consider landscaping hacks, and dabble in twinkle lights that’ll set the night on fire.

Ready to dabble? Let’s get to it.

Choose the Best Spot

Just like real estate, location is everything. Hot tub advice experts point out the importance of a level, flat space that’s slightly larger than the hot tub itself. Beyond that, you probably want to select a portion of the property that’s close to the doorway.

Sitting in the warm water under a snowy sky is fantastic – until you have to get out and run for the warmth of your home. You also want to place your hot tub close enough for a spigot and hose bib to reach when it’s time to fill it with water.

Create the Pergola of Your Dreams

Then, it’s on to the pergola of your dreams. Your hot tub will be the gem sitting inside your spa enclosure. From there, the sky’s the limit. You can choose to line your pergola in twinkle lights, train some gorgeous ivy to climb up the side, or both.

Whether you’d like to enclose your pergola or keep it open is entirely up to you. However, no matter which way you go, an outdoor ceiling fan always makes for a nice cake topper. Feeling a slight breeze as you wash your worries away in your very own backyard spa makes for a splendid evening beneath the stars.

Green space

Then, just outside your hot tub, you can consider creating a gorgeous greenspace. Select flowers and plants that love warm, moist environments. They’ll benefit, too, every time you fire up the hot tub.

Perhaps you’ll plant some bamboo plants for added privacy or some Boston fern. Each of these luscious greens love warm, moist air. Or, you can add pops of color with hibiscus or petunia. Those are summer beauties that love to bloom all season long.

Ambiance and Accessories

So, you’ve dedicated a large portion of your backyard to your spa, close to the rear door, and set up the pergola of your dreams. After you’ve continued the zen vibe with a healthy green space, it’s time to accessorize.

Hopefully, you have an electrical outlet nearby. Plug in a surge protector so you can add a few accessories. For sure, you’re going to want to be able to plug in your Bluetooth speaker so you can set the mood with a little soft music.

But you also have those twinkle lights being strung through the rafters of your gazebo. They’ll need a place to plug in. Then, it’s up to you how crazy you want to get. If your hot tub is in a secure space, perhaps you’ll want to stock a little mini fridge with your favorite drinks. They don’t put cup holders in hot tubs for nothing!

One of our favorite accessories, though, has to be a water feature. Even though you’re relaxing your cares away in a bubbling hot tub, the added ambiance from a waterfall or fountain feature is truly spectacular. It sends you a world away in under a minute.

Consider an Entire Sundeck

Perhaps your hot tub will remain neatly tucked under your pergola for life. That’s honestly one of the best ways to go. You’re ensured privacy, protection, and a cozy space to call home.

But, what if you could do more? What if you included an entire sundeck. Now, you have ample opportunity to lay out after your dip in the tub (as long as it’s not winter) and a chance to create an outdoor seating space.

Lay out those chaise chairs, prop up your drink on a nesting table, and kick back and relax, right next to one of the finest features of your home.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

There’s one final option worth considering. What if you added a nearby fireplace or even a little fire pit? Water and fire – they go hand in hand.

So, now, you’ve got the soothing hot tub jets at your back, the quiet whisper of a water feature to your right, and a crackling fire pit to your left. Does it get any better than that? Only if you’re able to reach over and grab a glass of your favorite beverage while you’re soaking it all up.

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