The safety and security of your loved ones needs to be your priority. There really cannot be any compromise on this. While you may feel that it is easier to improve security in own premises than in rented premises, the fact is that with the right kind of ideas and by using he services of a good agency you can easily ensure that your rented premises are safe. All it takes is a little groundwork and small effective investments that will vastly improve the safety levels without adversely impacting the appeal of the rented premises. Here are a few tips from the experts of on how you can transform your rented home for better safety and security.

Carry Out A Thorough Study Of The Neighborhood

The neighborhood you intend to move into, will give you all the information that you want about the safety of the locality. You can check out with the stores and neighbors about the frequency of break in’s or any kind of anti social activity. If you receive feedback from multiple individuals that the area has its share of crime, then you need to look more closely at your premises and methods to improve the safety levels. Some of the most practical tips for keeping your apartment safe include the need for the right kind of security devices in your home.

Invest In The Right Kind Of Cost Effective Safety Equipment

Some of the safety equipment could include CCTV cameras that are presently available at very reasonable costs. The convenience of installing one in your premises needs no introduction. The days of complex wiring and installation are gone. It is now possible to have a new CCTV camera installed in less than 30 mins without the need for complicated drilling and wiring. And the CTV cameras can start sharing footage over the internet to smart phones giving you total coverage at all times from all places.

Entry And Exit Safety

You also need to look at other options such as the need for proper locks on your doors. It would always be a good idea to get your landlord to replace the existing locks with new ones whenever you move into the premises. This is mainly because of the fact that there are possibilities of previous occupants of the apartments holding an extra key to the existing lock. While you need not be paranoid about security by suspecting everyone, it would always be a good idea to take adequate precautions and lead a life with lesser apprehensions.

Reinforce Weak Spots That Permit Easy Access

Regardless of the location of your apartments – the ground floor or the first floor, it would always be a good idea to ensure that window air conditioning grilles are secure. Similarly, windows also need to have the right kind of protection. These are the easiest points of access for burglars, should they decide to break into your home. You can also consider installing a door video phone that streams footage to your camera. This way you will be aware of strangers who try to stake out the premises in your absence.