Turquoise is a bluish-green mineral, and for centuries, it has been cherished by several generations of human civilization. Historically prized for its ornamental value as a result of its unique color, turquoise is nature’s masterpiece when it comes to precious stones.

Depending on the grade, turquoise can cost as little as $1 per carat to as high as $1000 per carat.

The gemstone comes in different hues, which are breathtakingly beautiful to behold. Sadly, many have murdered fashion in cold blood with the wrong combination of turquoise accessories. They forget that this sensitive dazzling gemstone must “marry” their entire outfit in a fashionable symphony.

So, how do you put on these gemstones without looking like you’re from the 1950s?

Discrete Pieces

When going for a simple yet classy and understated style, simple turquoise jewelry can suffice. There is a strong appeal in going for the minimalist look, and a turquoise piece can help elevate your dress sense.

You could throw on a simple necklace with a turquoise centerpiece with a simple shirt and jeans to give you that casual yet classy office look.

Pair it with Different Jewelry

Turquoise and pearl necklaces pair perfectly with each other, especially baroque pearls sitting on turquoise gemstones that are reminiscent of a beautiful sunny day on a coral beach.

You could also try on delicate drop earrings with a hint of turquoise to give you that classic, pristine look.

Pair it with a Gown

To make a bold statement, you can make a pairing of turquoise alongside a dress with minimalist design, you can use an oversized turquoise necklace with the same minimalist dress.

This, for sure, gives you the glowing wow factor that makes you stand out from the crowd. Turquoise as a piece of jewelry is known to elevate an outfit, giving you that extra oomph to make you feel confident throughout your day.

Pair it with Contrasting Colors

It takes a bit of boldness to purchase turquoise, so why stop there? Pairing it with conservative colors can be boring.

You can up the ante by pairing a turquoise and pearl necklace with an orange top alongside big earrings to turn heads wherever you go.

Pair it with Neutral Tones

If you’re reluctant to buck the trend, you can pair a turquoise piece with a neutral-toned dress. Turquoise is a perfect way to light up your outfit, especially when you’re putting on a more conservative dress.

It not only modernizes your combinations, but it also gives you that refreshing look.

Change it up

Mix everything while you can. Turquoise is not a color for ladies who want to play safe. It is bold and refreshing, capable of energizing your entire wardrobe. It is flexible enough to go with black or white and can be worn with corporate outfits, or that casual denim with boots.

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